Elizabeth Hurley Amplifies Scantily-Clad Bikini Body With Magnifying Mirror For Odd Detailed Selfie

Elizabeth Hurley stripping down to a tiny bikini for a selfie is nothing new, but Elizabeth Hurley amplifying her bikini top with a magnifying mirror for a selfie -- that's a bit different. At 52-years-old Hurley seems to have an infatuation for taking photos of herself donning some of the planet's tiniest, but flattering bikinis.

As the Daily Mail suggested, Hurley once again "defied the years" in a tiny cheetah print bikini. It looks like she did some calculations before snapping this selfie in the bathroom mirror. Her "strategically placed magnifying mirror" hones in on her top half of the picture.

As the media site suggested, the actress looks "sensational," and the many comments that are still collecting at the end of the Daily Mail article appear to agree with their critique. Her tousled mane of hair was swept off to one side, giving the appearance of a wind-swept coiffure.

Her pose appeared to have a lot of thought put into it with her lips holding just the slightest pucker to finish off this look coming to you from her bathroom mirror. According to the Daily Mail, Hurley posted this picture just after posting a photo of herself with her son Damian and nephew Miles.

It could be a way for Hurley to blow off steam after a tense few days by her nephew's bedside after he was attacked and stabbed multiple times.

Her nephew was recently attacked and stabbed by "animals," which is how Hurley described his attackers. The stab wounds miraculously missed any vital organs, although doctors said the knife narrowly missed severing his spine in the deepest wound. The culprits are still at large, and Hurley wants them brought to justice.

Her nephew Miles was attacked by four men in West London on Thursday night, and Hurley hopped right on a plane from the U.S. to get back to London to be with him. Miles, who is a model, was repeatedly stabbed and he lost four pints of blood in the attack.Now that he is on the mend, Hurley took to her bikini selfie-mode, which almost seems like a hobby to her once you check out the different bikini pics on her Instagram account. While she takes many selfies in a bikini, there are also pictures posted that other folks have taken for her. In the pictures that are obviously not a selfie because she is too far away from the camera, they are most likely taken by a friend or by her 15-year-old son Damien.

In February it was revealed that Hurley's 15-year-old son takes many of her bikini photos, which drew a backlash. Some of her fans didn't consider her teen son taking these pictures as a "healthy" mother-son activity. Some folks found it "disturbing," as seen on another article from the Daily Mail at that time. Hurley slapped back at her critics saying that her son enjoys helping his mom out, as he is a budding photographer.