Kendra Duggar Has A Masquerade-Themed Baby Shower Party As Due Date Approaches

Kendra Caldwell recently had her first baby shower, reminding Duggar family fans she is inching closer to her due date in June.

Images from the baby shower were shared online by friends and followers of the Duggars over the weekend. It appears the party was not restricted to women, as Kendra’s father, Paul Caldwell, and her husband, Joseph Duggar, were at the baby shower.

Duggar baby showers are often women-only events, with a few exceptions. Jana Duggar was spotted at the baby shower, but it is not known if rest of the Duggar clan was present.

The images from the baby shower suggest Joe and Kendra had the gathering at their home, which the couple fixed and moved into after marriage.

The 23-year-old Counting On star wed Kendra last September after a three-month engagement and a courtship lasting just over two months, People reports. The Duggar couple announced the pregnancy in December and soon revealed they were having a boy. Unlike her sister-in-law and confidant Joy-Anna Forsyth, Kendra not only chose to do a gender reveal but also let Counting On followers know she is due June 17. Kendra set up a baby registry listing essentials after the couple learned the baby’s gender.

At the masquerade-themed baby shower party last weekend, the soon-to-be-mom was dressed in a blue checkered tunic over a black dress. The 19-year-old’s parents, Pastor Caldwell and wife Christina, proudly donned their lapel badges that indicated they were going to become grandparents. The arrival of the latest Duggar baby will be the first grandchild for the Caldwells and the 11th for the Duggar clan.

Duggar family followers saw Joe and Kendra walk the aisle on Counting On this past season, and the couple’s relationship is expected to unfold in greater detail next season. TLC gave fans a sneak peek at the show’s summer season where the couple goes to honeymoon in Greece.

Fans will also get to see Joe and Kendra Duggar break the news of the pregnancy, though it is not known if the gender-reveal party and the baby shower will be featured. The teaser shows a producer asking the couple during their honeymoon if they are going to have a baby soon.

Joy-Anna and Jinger’s pregnancies are also expected to be featured next season, leaving one to wonder just how much of Joe and Kendra’s journey to parenthood fans will get to see.