'Attack On Titan' Season 3: Levi Returns To The Frontline, Backstory To Be Revealed

It looks like someone else is going to take over Attack on Titan Season 3 aside from Eren Jaeger. Recently, a new poster for the anime series' new installment, featuring Levi Ackerman, circulated online. Also known as Captain Levi and humanity's strongest soldier, director Koizuka Masashi and chief animation director Araki Tetsuro teased that fans are about to see more of him and his backstory in the show's return.

"Season 3 will reveal some characters' pasts, including Levi's childhood," Tetsuro said in an interview with SNK News along with Masashi. In fact, as his backstory is going to be explored, Masashi revealed that the revelations about his childhood have something to do with Attack on Titan Season 3's storyline.

With that, viewers will not only see Levi in action, but he also has a major part to play in the upcoming Attack on Titan Season 3. "He will return to the frontlines in Season 3," Tetsuro added.

To recall, Levi was one of Season 1's major characters as he helped to keep an eye on Eren when he was still in training. However, when he got injured, he was not often seen in Season 2. But, according to Masashi, his coming to Attack on Titan Season 3 could influence the show's direction of the story.

As the anime series enters the "Uprising" arc, per Comicbook, Levi has a major role to play in Attack on Titan Season 3. In Season 2, the squad captain along with the Survey Cops joined to fix Wall Maria following the latest Titan Shifter conflict.

He was about to protect Eren and Historia from the kidnappers as their abduction could lead to the destruction of Paradis. But, things got more complicated when someone from his past reared his head and the Paradis' leaders managed to stay in power by creating a deadly plot.

Levi's backstory has a major role to play in 'Attack on Titan' Season 3
Getty Images | Rachel Murray

"So based on that notion, he has become the focal point of the entire work," Masashi continued to say. In fact, Tetsuro joked that Levi could actually be Attack on Titan Season 3's protagonist, but it could be a little exaggerated to say.

He later explained that saying Season 3 is about Levi could be indeed an exaggeration, but he sarcastically said that the anime series' animators are having fun drawing his character. He even teased that fans are about to see a lot of his scenes being operated by 3DMG. Hence, for their production team, he admitted that it is actually the hardest part to do.