Major Update About John Cena’s WWE Schedule After ‘WrestleMania 34’ Revealed, According To ‘PWInsider’

With only six days left until the grandest stage of them all, John Cena is still waiting for The Undertaker to answer his challenge for a match at WrestleMania 34. Their match still hasn’t been officially announced for the event, but that could change tonight on Raw. It’s been reported that Cena vs. The Undertaker could just happen during the show without much official promotion, but that is only if WWE decides not to announce the match at all. Regardless of how their rivalry is being promoted, Cena vs. Undertaker should be historic.

After WrestleMania 34, The Undertaker’s WWE future is a matter of perspective. It has been reported that he’s extended his in-ring career a few more years, but he could just as easily retire in New Orleans after the match with Cena. Either way, The Deadman is expected to disappear from WWE programming for quite a while, and it’s being reported by PWInsider that John Cena is expected to do the same after WrestleMania.

Last week, Cena was announced for the lead role in a Duke Nukem feature film. The movie does not even have a script yet, but it’s just another big project on his plate. Based on his schedule in Hollywood, it’s safe to assume that John Cena is preparing for another long hiatus after WrestleMania 34. Along with his hectic Hollywood schedule and commitments to WWE, his wedding to Nikki Bella is also just around the corner.

John Cena and Nikki Bella have a wedding coming up later this year.

On paper, the WWE Universe should expect Cena back on Raw or SmackDown Live before Summerslam this year. It’s far too early to predict his storyline, but he could potentially feud with anyone. Cena could be back on WWE television earlier if necessary. However, it’s been reported that Cena and WWE officials have developed some tension over their negotiations with The Rock and might not be parting on the best terms.

John Cena’s upcoming hiatus could be a good thing for him to get away from the company for a little while and regroup before coming back later in the year. On the other hand, it may create more distance between the two sides, but these are all issues for after WrestleMania. First and foremost, John Cena has to wait for The Undertaker to appear on Raw tonight or else their confrontation will happen on WWE’s biggest stage.

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