‘The Walking Dead’ Season 8, Episode 15: Daryl And Rosita Set To Face Eugene And The Saviors In ‘Worth’

Negan could also confront Dwight and Simon about their actions in the AMC series.

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The war is set to continue in The Walking Dead Season 8 and it looks like some characters are taking a different tactic to defeat Negan. After all, Eugene was supposed to be working with the Alexandrians before he was taken away by Negan in the previous season. But will Daryl and Rosita actually convince their old friend to leave the Saviors and rejoin them in The Walking Dead Season 8, Episode 15?

Daryl and Rosita are not the only ones who have big plans in “Worth.” The official synopsis for The Walking Dead Season 8, Episode 15 that was released by AMC reveals that Aaron is out on a mission of his own and could bring back new friends to help in the fight against the Saviors. In addition to that, Negan could finally return to confront Dwight about his true allegiance just ahead of the show’s season finale.

The following contains The Walking Dead Season 8, Episode 14, spoilers so proceed with caution.

While Carol was out searching for Henry, and Rick and Morgan were busy taking out Jared and the Saviors, Daryl and Rosita has been keeping an eye out for Eugene. The two are undoubtedly getting ready to launch an attack on Sanctuary and could set off to do so in The Walking Dead Season 8, Episode 15. Interestingly, Rosita is the one who stated that they should “take out the men” in Eugene’s bullet factory. Unfortunately, this could mean bad things will happen to their old friend in “Worth.”

Josh McDermitt as Eugene in 'The Walking Dead' Season 8
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Although there is a possibility that Daryl and Rosita will try to convince Eugene to abandon the Saviors, some are fearful that they will not be successful and Eugene could end up joining a pile of bodies. Unfortunately, Eugene is not the only former ally of the Alexandrians who could get in trouble in The Walking Dead Season 8, Episode 15.

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The teaser for “Worth” also confirms that Negan will return to Sanctuary and have a deep conversation with Dwight. It is unclear if the villain is already aware that Dwight has been helping the other survivors or that he is aware of Simon’s plans to take over leadership of the Saviors. Nevertheless, things are bound to get tense in The Walking Dead Season 8, Episode 15.

Can Daryl and Rosita win Eugene over in “Worth”? Will Negan figure out Dwight’s true allegiance? Find out when The Walking Dead Season 8, Episode 15 airs on AMC on April 8.