Viral Video Shows Blac Chyna Trying To Start Fight At Six Flags Amusement Park, Swinging Baby Stroller

A video showing Blac Chyna apparently trying to start a fight at a Six Flag amusement park has gone viral, prompting controversy and some snarky remarks about her behavior -- and her love life.

The roughly 30-second video started trending on Sunday evening, showing the stripper-turned-reality television star in a verbal argument with a group of people at the park. The video was first shared by a Twitter user, and appeared to start after the conflict was already in progress. While it's not clear what started the fight, Blac Chyna appeared to be the biggest aggressor, trying to strike someone from another group and at one point swinging an empty baby stroller at members of the group.

The situation briefly escalated into a physical fight before security hurried in to bring an end to the scuffle and many of the combatants filtered back into the crowd. Full video of Blac Chyna's Six Flags fight can be seen here.

The incident, though apparently serious enough to warrant a response from security, seemed to amuse the crowd at Six Flags. The video showed a number of people congregating to watch the scuffle, with many amused to see the reality star causing drama in person rather than on television.

As the video of the Six Flags fight spread, Blac Chyna's name ranked among the top trending terms on Twitter, knocking out even the Easter night performance of Jesus Christ Superstar Live on NBC. Many people took the opportunity to make fun of Blac Chyna for the incident and for her rumored boyfriend, 18-year-old rapper YBN Almighty Jay. People magazine reported last month that the two are apparently dating despite an age difference of more than a decade.

"Blac Chyna out here fighting with a stroller at Six Flags because they said her man wasn't old enough to ride the ride," one person commented.

Others noted that the baby stroller Blac Chyna was seen swinging showed up in a picture of her daughter shared previously by Rob Kardashian, which can be seen below.

It was not clear if Blac Chyna, or anyone else, was arrested for the fight at Six Flags, though it appeared no one was seriously injured. The baby stroller appeared to be intact afterward as well.