Major Hurdle In Bringing Hulk Hogan Back To The WWE

At this point, it seems as if it is not a matter of if, but when WWE Hall of Famer and former WWE Champion Hulk Hogan will make a return to the WWE. Being released in 2015 due to racial remarks leaked from a videotape, Hogan was initially blacklisted from WWE. However, the company has loosened up on their restrictions for Hogan, and he has been aired on more WWE footage.

Just recently, Hogan was a part of the Hillbilly Jim WWE Hall of Fame video package, as he was instrumental in bringing Jim in from the crowd which commenced his WWE career. Recently, Hogan was seen with Triple H during the Andre the Giant documentary premiere event. Although rumors started to develop that the two were having discussions of a WWE return, those rumors were quickly shot down, and it was believed to just be a meeting to catch-up and discuss the legacy of Andre.

While WWE made it clear that – while there have been talks of a comeback – there is not any type of deal set, and the fact that there is progression of Hogan and WWE are attempting to make a reconciliation shows a positive shift in their relationship. However, there could be a factor that would stop Hogan from coming back.


What Could Be Pivotal In Leaving Hulk Hogan Off Of WWE Television

According to the Wrestling Observer Live, the biggest hurdle that could prevent Hogan from returning to WWE is the company making sure that their sponsors are satisfied. If WWE brings Hogan back, but their sponsors disapprove, it could sever the relationship quickly. For WWE, making sure that sponsors are aware of the potential return would be more important than Hogan actually returning.

Just recently, WWE had to remove the Fabulous Moolah from name of the upcoming women's battle royal, and rename it the WrestleMania Women's Battle Royal. This was due to an outrage of WWE affiliating Moolah in a positive light, when she reportedly had a very sketchy past, regarding treatment of African-Americans; particularly, 1960's wrestling star, Sweet Georgia Brown. Brown was a student of Moolah, and reported to her daughter that she was physically and mentally abused.