Blake Shelton Carries Gwen Stefani's Son Apollo During Family Easter Outing

Blake Shelton played doting dad to Gwen Stefani's youngest son on Easter Sunday. As reported by the Daily Mail, the country star accompanied Gwen and her three kids -- Kingston, 11, Zuma, 9, and Apollo, 3 -- to an Easter morning church service on Sunday. In one photo of the fivesome, Blake is carrying little Apollo in his arms.

Gwen Stefani was all dressed up for the Easter holiday. Her vibrant spring attire consisted of a little black dress featuring a blue and white floral print and a plunging neckline. She rocked a pair of black fishnets with the dress, and her dark legwear really made her bright yellow stiletto heels pop. Gwen completed her look with a calf-length black trench coat and a black Christian Louboutin Paloma spike bag featuring cheetah print panels on the sides.

Blake Shelton kept it casual by wearing a pair of faded blue jeans with a black button-down shirt and a dark blue blazer. His cowboy ensemble also included a pair of brown cowboy boots.

In a video shared by the Hollywood Fix, Gwen and the kids can be seen getting out of their black SUV in front of the church. Blake walks around the driver's side of the vehicle with Apollo in his arms, and the little boy buries his face in Blake's shoulder. Both of Apollo's older brothers are sporting green streaks in their hair.

When the church service was over, Blake also carried Apollo back to the SUV. The group then headed to Gwen's parents' house for Easter lunch. While the adults were unloading Easter gifts and other items from the vehicle, Apollo stood outside with his pacifier in his mouth and wagged his finger back and forth at the paparazzi.

Perhaps Blake Shelton was carrying Apollo so much because the little boy was all tuckered out after a long day of Easter egg hunting and airplane travel. According to RadarOnline, Gwen, Blake, and the kids were spotted boarding a private plane on March 31. Last week, the happy family spent spring break at Blake's ranch in Oklahoma. They headed back to Los Angeles on Saturday, but they couldn't leave without letting Gwen Stefani's sons do their Easter egg hunting at Blake's place.

Gwen has said that the kids love visiting Blake Shelton's ranch, and they've already spent many holidays riding ATVs around his sprawling property and exploring the woods that surround his home. There are plenty of great locations to hide Easter eggs around Blake's place, but this didn't stop Apollo from filling up his Easter bucket.

Instead of baskets, Gwen's kids were given plastic camouflage buckets to put their eggs and candy in. Gwen has really embraced camo since she started dating Blake. She and her cowboy beau are both wearing the green print in one of her recent Instagram stories, and she also shows off a plastic camo Easter egg that matches her outfit.

In another mini video, Gwen's kids can be seen sitting on Blake Shelton's porch while they wait for the go-ahead to begin searching for eggs. Apollo found a shiny gold one full of money, and Blake helped his little buddy out by pointing out an egg that hadn't yet been discovered.

It looks like everyone had a pretty amazing Easter, and Shefani fans can only hope that there will be many more to come for their favorite couple.