Donald Trump, Jr. Deals With Divorce By Getting A Makeover

Donald Trump, Jr. is pretty much like everyone else when it comes to handling breakups. The eldest son of U.S. President Donald Trump got a makeover while still reeling from his split with Vanessa, his wife of 12 years.

Trump, Jr., 40, was a busy man last Saturday as he spent some time pampering and taking care of himself. He took to social media to share what he's been up to since Vanessa filed for divorce.

Trump, Jr. first posted an Instagram Story showing a close-up of his face glowing with sweat. According to the post, the father-of-five was doing an intense workout at the gym, Us Weekly reported.

"Nothing like #crossfit in 100% humidity. Hit it hard today," Trump, Jr. captioned his post.

Donald, Jr. is known to favor CrossFit over other forms of exercise, the Cut reported. As his post indicated, however, Trump, Jr. took things to a higher level.

Trump, Jr. followed that up a few hours later with another post showing himself getting a haircut.

"Time to chop the mullet off #haircut," Donald, Jr. said.

While sweating it out in the gym and getting a haircut are mundane stuff for most people, the fact that Donald, Jr. is currently going through a high-profile divorce may mean that he is "preparing for the single life," as the Cut put it.

As a matter of fact, Don placed both posts in a folder he named "Me stuff."

A day after his trips to the gym and to the barber, Donald, Jr. met up with Vanessa and other members of the first family as they traveled back to Washington on board Air Force One.

For the past few days, Trump, Jr. reunited with his estranged wife to co-parent their five children during spring break, according to Page Six. Donald, Jr., Vanessa, and their children got some much needed downtime at Mar-a-Lago, a welcome respite from all the negativity that their impending divorce has brought to the family.

Despite all their recent troubles, the estranged couple continue to be civil with each other as they take care of their children. Vanessa also recently liked a post by her estranged husband.

Vanessa filed for divorce on March 15. A few days later, rumors saying Trump, Jr. has been unfaithful spread. Donald, Jr. allegedly had an affair with Danity Kane singer Aubrey O'Day while she was a contestant on Celebrity Apprentice in 2011.