Teen Mom 2: Father Of Kailyn Lowry’s Child, Chris Lopez, Says He Loved Her Despite Tumultuous Relationship

Jamie McCarthy Getty Images

Teen Mom 2’s Kailyn Lowry and Chris Lopez, the father of her third child, seem to hate each other. It’s easy to believe there’s no love lost between them if you go by their tweets to each other. So his recent declaration on Twitter that he once “loved” Kail comes as a surprise. Lopez’s declaration came in response to fan’s question.

Here’s what the fan asked, according to In Touch Weekly: “Did you ever love Kail? Do you guys have a good co-parenting relationship for Lux? He’s really cute by the way.”

“Yea..and we’re co-parenting,” Lopez responded.

As we mentioned earlier, Chris and Kailyn have exchanged angry tweets with each other. As In Touch reports, recently Chris tweeted, “I’ll look dead at you and laugh lol.” To that, Kailyn replied, “You couldn’t look me in the eye if you tried.” Lopez had the last word though. He tweeted “lol,” in response to Kailyn’s tweet and later tweeted,”Ain’t nothin lol.”

Last month, Kailyn also slammed Chris for posting pictures of their son on Instagram, Radar Online reports. Kailyn wrote that Lopez should refrain from being an “Instagram parent.” Chris countered that Kailyn shouldn’t talk since she became famous for a show about her private life and parenting.

Kailyn has revealed that their relationship was tumultuous even though, as Radar Online notes, she praised him for being a good father at first. Kailyn has since called Lopez an “absentee parent.” In September of 2017, she said that Chris was “good with the baby” and that she was surprised by his parenting skills.

But something obviously went sour because Kailyn hasn’t had many positive things to say about the father of her third child.

During the Season 8 reunion special of Teen Mom 2, she claimed Chris cheated on her when she was pregnant, In Touch recalls. She admitted that he was present for the birth but that they hadn’t spoken for two months before then. Lowry went on to say that Chris had not reached out to become a part of his son’s life since the birth.

Lopez, however, has maintained that he has always been involved in raising his son with Kailyn.

As The Heavy notes, Kailyn confirmed that Chris Lopez is the father of her third child in May after lots of speculation about his identity. Before her confirmation, a couple of different names were floated around as the potential father of the child like, Tyler Hill and J.C Cueva.