Final Four Buzzer Caused A Real ‘March Madness’ For Fans Who Couldn’t Find The Car Honking Its Horn

Sean GallupAP Images

It seems March Madness has lived up to its reputation of “madness” once the Final Four games got underway and folks got an earful of their in-game buzzer. People at home, as well as people in their cars, looked everywhere for the aggravating car horn they thought was trying to get their attention. The buzzer used during the Final Four games caused aggravation, especially for those folks who were listening to the games while traveling in their cars as they thought someone kept honking at them to move over.

Yahoo Sports suggests that, for some unknown reason, the people in charge of preparing an in-game buzzer for the Final Four games went with a very irritating sound this year. The buzzer they used sounded like “a high-pitched car horn” instead of the sound that traditionally blares out at a basketball game.

For that reason, people watching the Final Four games at home found themselves looking out their windows to see who was honking out on the street. Car drivers had an even more aggravating time while on the road if they were tuned into the Final Four games.

With the buzzer sounding like a car horn everytime it blared, people were whipping their heads around in every direction to find the culprit. As Yahoo suggests, Twitter became a “sounding board” for the annoyance brought on by the buzzer with everyone seemingly in agreeance that the buzzer sounded like a car horn.

Jason Owens, who writes for the Dagger, said he was like most other basketball fans in the nation who watched both Final Four games on Saturday. He kept looking out his window at home to see who was honking the horn in the street.

“It was just that aggravating sound coming out of my television for the 17th time. For radio listeners in their car, things were apparently and understandably worse as their radars for car horns kept getting pinged,” Owens finally realized,

There are many people expressing their hope that the buzzer is fixed before Monday night. You can hear that buzzer in the video posted below from the Final Four on the NCAA March Madness tweet.

SB Nation sees this as a little cruel, because that horn does sound like someone is stuck behind you in traffic. It sounds like one of those irritating drivers who believe the more they honk, the quicker the traffic will disperse.

“Just when you thought you could get away from the doldrums of the weekday commute, it sneaks its way into your weekend via college basketball. This is a little cruel,” SB Nation suggests. It was confusing to a lot of people who hopped online to vent their traffic woes despite being stationary at home.