Danica Patrick Vows To Do This ‘Everyday For The Rest Of Her Life’ If She ‘Wins Indy’

Danica Patrick is a woman celebrated worldwide for all her feats on the race track where she has shattered the gender barriers. She is the first and only woman to ever win an Indy car race, as well as being of the only 14 drivers to lead laps at both the Indy 500 and Daytona 500.

There’s not a doubt about Patrick knowing her stuff behind the wheel, but when stationary on the ground, she’s also turned a few heads with her behind the scenes accomplishments. She’s designed her own Indy car firesuit, which is “a rarity among drivers not just in IndyCar racing, but in most motorsports,” according to NBC Sports.

Not only has she created the firesuit she’ll don for the Indy 500 race, but she’s even designed her own shoes to go with that suit. Patrick also had a hand in designing the neon green car she’ll be driving, which was unveiled a few weeks back.

When it was first revealed that the number 13 was assigned to the car Danica will drive in the Indy 500, this stirred up a bit of a buzz. While the number 13 is often associated with bad luck, that wasn’t the case for Patrick. It is a number to be celebrated by the iconic race car driver, who already has something in mind for how she will do that if she wins the Indy.

When Danica’s GoDaddy Chevrolet Indy car was assigned the number 13, one fan pointed out the significance of this number for Patrick, reports the Morning Star. It has been 13 years since Patrick made history as the first woman to lead laps in the Indianapolis 500. Danica said the following.

“I’m going to have the year 2005 written on one shoe for the race, and 2018 on the other.”

After that was said, the Morning Star describes how Danica smiled and added the following.

“I guess I might be getting a little nostalgic. I’ve been saying, if I win Indy, I’ll put the number 13 on my hand every day for the rest of my life.”

So she’s vowed to put the number 13 on her hand every day for the rest of her life if she does win that race. Was that a hint to a number 13 tattoo?

Danica’s long-time sponsor Go Daddy couldn’t be happier with Patrick’s drive and passion for racing. When they signed her on, it was never contingent on the numbers of races she won, said GoDaddy’s CMO Barb Rechterman.

“We love her passion and the way she goes after what she wants even in the face of naysayers. She’s got moxie.”

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