Patrick McCaw Injury Update: Warriors Player Leaves Court On Stretcher, Vince Carter Flagrant Shown In Video

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Golden State Warriors fans are worried over the latest Patrick McCaw injury update after seeing him fall on the court in yesterday night’s game. A play involving the Sacramento Kings’ Vince Carter was part of the spill that the Warriors’ forward took. The incident resulted in McCaw being taken off via stretcher, leading to concern for the second-year player’s status. Here’s the latest update on Patrick McCaw’s injury and notes from the recent game in Sacramento.

In a report from ESPN‘s Chris Haynes, it was noted that the incident occurred as the Kings’ Carter inadvertently undercut McCaw on one play. That caused McCaw to fall awkwardly, and he appeared to land on his backside on the hardwood. McCaw’s injury occurred with just 41.8 seconds to go in the third quarter of the game. As he drove on the baseline, Carter was defending him, and the inadvertent undercut occurred causing McCaw to fall to the floor. He would remain on the court for about 10 minutes laying sideways, leaving the fans in the arena as well as the teams and their personnel in shock. Eventually, he was put on a stretcher and taken off the court. He would then be transferred to UC Davis Medical Center. McCaw also received a standing ovation as he was stretchered off the court.

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Later on Saturday night, the Warriors said that the chest X-ray and CT scan were both “clear.” The latest update on Saturday night indicated that there would also be an MRI performed for the forward. Fans are now waiting to hear what will hopefully be some good news for the second-year player.

The Golden State Warriors would go on to win the game, 112-96. Vince Carter was assessed a flagrant one for the foul he was called for that caused the injury.

Carter, who is considered by many to be an elder statesman in the league, expressed his concern over Patrick McCaw’s injury as well.

“I just hope he’s OK. I play this game because I love it and enjoy it, not to see young guys get hurt. He has a bright future. I just hate to see it.”

Based on comments from McCaw’s Warriors teammates including Kevin Durant and Draymond Green, the feeling is that Carter’s play was accidental with no malice intended towards McCaw. Green said “Vince is not that type of guy” and mentioned he “never” has been. Head coach Steve Kerr initially seemed frustrated with Carter for the play, but Carter walked over to Kerr and the coaching staff after the game to apologize.

A video below from Yahoo Sports NBA shows off the play as it happened in Sacramento last night.


More information is expected to come regarding Patrick McCaw’s injury as the team provides an MRI update. Fans will be hoping for the best as the Golden State Warriors have indeed been dealing with a number of injuries with the playoffs coming up soon.