‘Stranger Things’ Producer Teases Billy’s Flirtation With Mrs. Wheeler Ahead Of Season 3


Stranger Things fans have a while to wait for the third season of the show, but the speculating has already begun. Now, the producer of the Netflix sci-fi drama is weighing in on last season’s surprising scene between newcomer Billy (Dacre Montgomery) and Mike and Nancy’s mom, Karen Wheeler (Cara Buono).

On the finale of the second season of Stranger Things, fans saw a softer side of Billy, a hot-tempered teen hellion who relocated to Hawkins with his family. Billy’s main role was to keep an overly watchful eye on his sister Max (Sadie Sink), but he ultimately ended up in the Wheeler kitchen where his eyes were on Mike and Nancy’s unhappily married mom after she answered the door in her bathrobe. Billy, who was knocking on doors trying to find his sister Max’s whereabouts, delivered the ultimate pickup line when Mrs. Wheeler answered the door: “I didn’t know Nancy had a sister.”

Stranger Things viewers went crazy for the flirty scene, and now they want to know if there could be a hookup between the unlikely couple in season 3.

While Stranger Things executive producer Shawn Levy didn’t confirm a torrid affair, he told TV Guide fans have not seen the last of Billy and his older crush. Levy recalled the following to TV Guide.

“That scene where she was in the bath and then he ate the cookie in her kitchen… I don’t even know if it was a fan favorite, but it was a producers’ favorite. The Duffers and I love that scene, and so I’m just going to say that the Billy and Mrs. Wheeler dynamic is not yet done.”

Stranger Things 3 Spoilers
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As for the stars who made waves for the surprise sexy scene, Montgomery told the Hollywood Reporter he hopes his character gets a girlfriend in season 3.

“I would love to see Billy have a love interest in the third season,” Montgomery told THR. “Sitting under a bed of stars on a football field with a girl I think that would humanize him completely, which would make the sinister side even more scary.”

And as for the chance that Billy’s romantic interest could be Mrs. Wheeler, Dacre added:

“I don’t know, but knowing the Duffers, I think they might go against the grain. They’ve given audiences a taste of that, and it could now go somewhere else. Cara Buono is a lovely, lovely lady. We had so much fun shooting that scene. I don’t know where it’s going to go. It’s interesting now that that’s in play.”

Cara Buono is also on board with the idea of her character veering into cougar territory.

“I mean, sure,” the Stranger Things star told Glamour.“I think [the Duffer brothers] have been talking about tapping into really who [Karen] is. Is she more than just the ‘happy’ homemaker? Why is she married to Ted? There’s not a lot there. The tension is just there in the writing. We are kind of that married couple where if you’re married for a while there all those little arguments and little things that get to you. That’s kind of where they are.”

Levy acknowledged that there’s a lot more to Karen Wheeler than meets the eye and that Billy’s flirting may have set something off inside of her.

“We have much more story for Karen that is linked to her discontent and her dissatisfied sexuality,” the Stranger Things producer told Glamour. “In the end, there wasn’t room [in season two] to service all the ideas. Some ideas got punted to next season and maybe beyond, but we’re not done with Karen Wheeler and her failing marriage.”

You can see Dacre Montgomery and Cara Buono’s memorable Stranger Things scene below.

The first two seasons of Stranger Things are currently available on Netflix. Season 3 of Stranger Things will be released in 2019.