NFL Rumors: Johnny Manziel Would Be A Good Backup QB For Los Angeles Chargers, ‘LA Sports Hub’ Reports

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Johnny Manziel is attempting a comeback to the National Football League after missing the last two seasons. It remains to be seen whether teams will make a run at Manziel, whose two-year stint with the Cleveland Brown was tainted with off-the-field issues.

According to Jason Reed of LA Sports Hub, the Los Angeles Chargers should make a run at Manziel. He said that the former Heisman Trophy winner would be a good backup to veteran quarterback Philip Rivers. The Chargers could add a QB from the 2018 NFL Draft, but Reed believes signing Manziel makes more sense for Los Angeles.

Rivers will still be the starter of the Chargers at least for the next two years. However, Reed pointed out that the 36-year-old needs a quality backup in the event he sustains an injury that would keep him out of the lineup. The Chargers tried several options over the past several years, and Reed is convinced that Manziel is perfect for the job next season.

Manziel looked poised to become a regular starter for the Browns in 2015, but his partying issues and other off-the-field antics forced the Browns to cut the former Texas A&M standout. Teams are still trying to gauge whether Manziel is ready to focus on his job on the field. Reed said that the 25-year-old “seemed to grow as a person” over the past several months after realizing the impact of the choices he made during his first two seasons in the NFL.

Johnny Manziel against the Seattle Seahawks
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The former Browns quarterback recently showcased his skills during the pro days of Texas A&M and the University of San Diego. Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Mike Evans, who played with Manziel at Texas A&M, told the Washington Post that he believes Manziel is “maturing a lot” over the past several months.

“I’m just happy he’s turned his life around positively,” Evans said of his former college teammate. “And he spun it great. He looks like Johnny Manziel.”

Based on how Manziel performed and behaved recently, Reed is convinced that he would be a better backup to Rivers than Kellen Clemens. He also believes that the Chargers might have already talked about the possibility of signing Manziel after attending the University of San Diego pro day, where Manziel threw for NFL scouts.

From how it looks, Manziel impressed several teams during the workouts. According to the Boston Herald, the New England Patriots spoke to him before and after the Texas A&M pro day. NFL insider Jordan Schultz of Yahoo Sports also said that “multiple teams remain intrigued” with the possibility of signing the Texas native for next season.