‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoiler For Week Of April 9: Abigail’s Alters Become Stronger & Stefan Kidnaps Marlena

Days of our Lives spoilers reveal more complications during the week of April 9 as Abigail (Marci Miller) continues to wrestle with her alter egos. She Knows reveal the upcoming scenes in Salem for the second week of April.

The week of April 9 will put Abigail in the spotlight. Spoilers reveal that her alter egos will try to take over her life. In fact, Marlena will realize that one of the alters tricked her. It seems like the other personalities will come out often in the next weeks, which will make life more complicated for Abigail.

Gabigail took over while she was called to the stand and in her testimony, she revealed that Gabi felt guilty. This definitely makes things complicated.

By Tuesday, April 10, Days of our Lives spoilers suggest that Lucas will warn Chloe about Miguel’s offer. Meanwhile, Brady will try to continue to fight his way into Eve’s life again. It seems like he will make a bet with her that same day.

Wednesday’s Days of our Lives episode will also be a shocker. Spoilers tease that Hope will come up with a decision about her marriage to Rafe. Sleeping with Sami and lying about it was just too big of a sin, and she can’t find it in her heart to take Rafe back. From the looks of it, Hope will propose that they divorce, which will come as a complete shock to Rafe. Their marriage has definitely been a short one. While he knows that he messed up big time, Rafe never expected the consequences to be this huge. Well, cheating has never been an easy topic for anyone in Salem. Eli is also reeling from the revelation, and JJ wants nothing to do with him after everything that happened.

On Thursday, April 12, Days of our Lives spoilers hint that Sonny will continue to be at the center of Vivian’s evil schemes. Leo happens to be a guy Vivian hired to take down Sonny, not just a newcomer who is looking for love and companionship. However, it seems like Leo will start to waver since Vivian has to convince him to push through with their plan. When Sonny learns that it is just another plot, this will truly break his heart.

When the week ends, Days of our Lives spoilers suggest that John will try to reason with Stefan and ask him to release Marlena. It appears like Stefan has been drawn in by Gabigail, and he is intent on protecting Abigail because of her alter. There will be more excitement surrounding the alter egos, especially because Stefan is attracted to one of them and is convinced that it would be best if Gabigail becomes the dominant personality.

Days of our Lives spoilers suggest that the storyline surrounding Abigail’s alter egos are just heating up, and there will be more complications along the way.