Michelle Obama’s Portrait Shaved Into Man’s Hair — Sculpted By LeBron James’ Hairstylist

Manuel Balce CenetaAP Images

Nolan Beck is a visual designer who had a wild idea — having the Obama family portrait shaved into his hair. He sought the help of a professional designer whom he had worked with before to do this type of job. But his idea of Michelle Obama on one side of his head with Barack Obama on the other would have been a massive feat, and that was only half of his idea.

He not only wanted the former president and the former first lady on his head, but he also wanted to include the Obama girls’ portraits across the back of his skull. That would have been a colossal undertaking for the hairstylist to shave all four Obama family members‘ portraits on his head, reports Hello Giggles.

Beck went to LeBron James’ hairstylist, Nick Castellanos, who told him that since each Obama family member portrait would take several hours to create, he needed to pick just one. It wasn’t a toss-up for Beck; he immediately picked Michelle Obama as the former first family member whom he would sport on his head in a portrait for all to see.

People have commented on the professional look of the portrait on the Instagram post seen below. While many people see Michelle Obama as soon as they spot the portrait on Beck’s head, some have mistaken the image for Prince. But Beck is okay with that.

Beck first met Nick after he was approached by a friend to get his hair cut for a photo shoot. He said as soon as he found out it was LeBron James’ hairstylist who would be doing the design, he couldn’t say no. That is what first brought him to Nick who sculpted his hair into a geometric design for that shoot.

Beck said he knew right away that Nick was a professional and that while the design was artistic, it wasn’t necessarily his personal style. However, he knew after he sported that first design that he would go to Nick again for another sculpted hairstyle.

He said that he jokingly told Nick that he wanted Barack’s, Michelle’s, Malia’s, and Sasha’s portraits on his head, but this is when Nick told him it would be too time-consuming. He then told him to pick just one and Michelle Obama was his choice.

“A few people have said it kinda looks like Prince, which I think is also amazing,” Beck said. “But Nick did a super fantastic job and I’m happy with it.”

This is not the last time Beck will get a portrait of a powerful woman shaved into his head, as he already has a list of women he is ready to sport on his noggin. They include Sigourney Weaver, Tracee Ellis Ross, Cecile Richards, and Sheryl Sandberg.

According to Yahoo Lifestyle, when Beck was asked, “why Michelle Obama?” He said,

“I chose Michelle because she is one of the most elegant and sophisticated people in the public eye. She’s strong, so smart, and hilarious, and an inspiration… I have always loved the Obamas — their poise and resilience are so incredibly admirable. They handle everything with grace and a sense of humor, and those are two qualities I try to emulate everyday.”

The Michelle Obama portrait actually took about three hours, Beck said. So far there’s no word if the Obamas have gotten wind of this, but Hello Giggles suggests they will probably be “honored” by the “very visible tribute.