Apple iPhone & iPad Devices Get iOS 11.3 Update Brings New Features, Glitches, & No More Jailbreak

Marcio Jose SanchezAP Images

Just recently, a number of Apple iPhone, iPod, and iPad devices began to receive the brand new iOS 11.3 update. Just like in the past, the newest update was said to bring about some helpful upgrades to the mobile operating system. Also, just like in the past, it could bring some issues that give way to some device owners demanding an update to the update. Some device owners may soon find that the gadget they had once jailbroken has now seen its jailbreak, broken.

On Saturday, Forbes‘ Gordon Kelly reported that the newest version of the iOS was released for the iPhone 5S or later, iPad Mini 2 or later, as well as 6th generation iPod or later. This latest upgrade comes after the 11.3 OS was already present on the new 2018 iPad models, but now it is available for even more mobile gadgets that are actually out in the population.

To perform the update, device owners need to go into the “Settings” area of their device, find the “General” option and then select “Software Update.” Device owners will be guided through confirmation screens and the update will be installed but could take a bit of time. It will also see the phone power on, then off, and may require entry of any password or passcode afterward.


So what’s included with the latest version of iOS? A note from Apple about the iOS 11.3 update indicates it takes up 708.9 megabytes of space. The latest upgrade features ARKit 1.5 which will help with “augmented reality experiences” as well as providing some iPhone Battery Health assistance, and the use of Animoji for iPhone X. As with previous updates, “stability improvements and bug fixes” are also part of the helpful nature of the new operating system.

At, Chris Mills provided a full list here of all of the new features that come along with iOS 11.3 update just a few days ago. It’s mentioned that once installed; there will be a new “Battery Health” menu available in the Settings area under “Battery.” The Battery Health is in beta but will provide helpful information to the device owner with regards to how the battery is performing as well as when it might be time to replace it. It will also give owners the option to enable or disable the Performance Management feature that helps to avoid unexpected shutdowns.

For those curious about what the latest Animoji update will bring to the iPhone X, it will give owners four new Animoji to use. They are the bear, dragon, skull, and lion. That means there are now a total of 16 animated characters, called Animoji, available on the iPhone X.


Some of the known issues with the new iOS update so far include certain graphics glitches, Apple Music bugs, false notifications (sometimes in messaging apps), random Siri activations, and an “invisible keyboard” issue that has been reported by some users. However, the verdict is still out on how buggy this new release is, as it’s still just a few days old.

One of the main dealbreakers for some device owners could be that the new update will break any jailbroken iPhone, iPad, or iPod. Those who have done so with their device(s) is probably going to want to keep using the current iOS. However, it’s being recommended that anyone experiencing battery issues should install this new update with the “Battery Health” to keep their device up and running as best as possible. iPhone X users may really want those four Animoji characters too.

As with previous updates, the latest iOS 11.3 will soon give way to another update, with future numbers tacked on after the 11.3 to fix what needs it most. Those who are planning to install, or have installed, the new iOS 11.3 can also check out security content details for the new OS at the Apple website.