Kate Middleton And Prince William May Not Even Know The Sex Of Their Third Baby, ‘E! Online’ Reports

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Kate Middleton and Prince William will soon be the parents of a newborn but that doesn’t mean that they know the sex of the baby just yet. E! News reports that the couple is waiting to be surprised when the baby comes into the world.

“William and Kate don’t know the sex of the baby so they’re rather looking forward to finding out,” E! News’ insider said.

According to Glamour, there’s a reason why Kate Middleton and William haven’t found out the sex of their baby just yet. It’s apparently against royal tradition to find out before the baby is born. That reportedly did not stop Princess Diana. She allegedly knew that she was having a boy each time she gave birth.

So, it’s a tradition that isn’t necessarily strictly upheld. But, it looks like Kate and Will have adhered to it each time Middleton has been pregnant. Back in 2015, The Telegraph reported that the young royal parents did not know the gender of their baby when Kate was pregnant with Princess Charlotte. The BBC reported the same back in 2013 before Prince George was born.

Even if they did know the sex of the baby, they wouldn’t be able to tell the public before the birth. That’s a tradition that’s closely observed and there’s an official royal process for letting the public know. Traditionally, Buckingham Palace posts a notice about the baby’s sex and health of the mother. Interestingly enough, Prince Will and Kate broke with this tradition when they announce Charlotte’s birth before the palace did.


Preparations for the baby are reportedly in full swing. According to Us Weekly, there’s a birthing team on standby that includes Kate’s mother, Carol Middleton. There are media plans and, more importantly, security plans. The room that’s been designated for the birth is reported regularly checked a security team and is sealed with tamper-proof tape every night. According to Us Weekly‘s source, the hospital will only have 5 minutes notice before Kate arrives to give birth. That’s one of their tactics for preventing the media from being tipped off in advance before the official announcement.


Kate is expected to give birth at some point in April.