‘Teen Mom 2’ Chelsea Houska DeBoer Shows Off Growing Baby Bump, Reports ‘Radar Online’

Chelsea Houska DeBoer Instagram

Teen Mom 2 star may already be the mom of two, but she’s adding another baby to her family, and this time around, she and husband Cole DeBoer are expecting a baby girl. She released the news on March 16, showing a scan of the baby along with a gender reveal. Previously, she had stated that she had baby fever and that she and Cole were looking to add to their family as quickly as possible.

Earlier today, she showed off a baby bump photo of herself getting ready for the day, according to Radar Online. She asked fans to “excuse” her floppy headband, as she said she was still in the process of putting on her make-up as the photo was taken. Thus far, she has garnered a lot of praise from fans who are looking forward to seeing her give birth in the next few months.

The Teen Mom 2 star hasn’t always had it easy as a single mother. Her ex, Adam Lind, and father to her daughter, Aubrey, has been arrested several times for charges relating to meth possession. He and Chelsea were back and forth when it came to getting back together, but ended up finally staying away from one another when Chelsea married her husband, Cole.

Adam Lind has restricted visits with his daughter, Aubrey, due to some of his past arrests and drug uses. The reality TV star no longer appears on Teen Mom 2 because he stated that the show portrayed him in a bad light. On more than one occasion, Adam agreed to film with the Teen Mom 2 crew and then didn’t bother to show up at the arranged meeting. However, he argues that the MTV documentary-style show neglects to show him when he and Aubrey do things together like movie nights at her school or go to father/daughter dances, only showing when he doesn’t make it.

Chelsea Houska DeBoer, however, does allow him to see their daughter, but only supervised by his parents as per his drug abuse arrests and record.

The Teen Mom 2 star has been enjoying a relatively quiet life since she and Cole DeBoer tied the knot, and there were even rumors that the pair would quit the show to stay out of the limelight.