‘Teen Mom OG’ Mackenzie Edwards Allegedly Leaves Ryan Edwards Amid Second Tinder Scandal, Reports ‘Radar ‘

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Last week, news broke that Ryan Edwards was the center of several scandals. The Teen Mom OG dad was arrested on a heroin-related charge and held on bond for $5,000. It was also discovered that he was on Tinder for the second time while being married to his wife, Mackenzie Standifer Edwards. Although Mackenzie claimed that his arrest was “standard procedure,” many were skeptical that it would be standard to hold someone in jail with a bond if it were something normal related to his arrest.

Radar Online just broke the news that Mackenzie Standifer Edwards left Ryan and boarded a flight to New York alone. The YouTube channel, Grace Report, also showed photos of Ryan seemingly going to stay with his parents, Jen and Larry Edwards, amidst the cheating scandal.

Mackenzie Edwards reportedly left during her scheduled time with her son, Hudson, from a previous relationship.

To make matters worse, Ryan and Mackenzie are expecting their first child together. Mackenzie showed off a positive pregnancy test on the preview for next week’s Teen Mom OG episode, and multiple sources have confirmed that she is, indeed, expecting a baby with Ryan. This is the second child for both of them, but the first child the pair will share together.

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After news broke that Ryan Edwards had been talking to a woman on Tinder, several more women came forward saying they matched with him and had been texting back and forth with them. Mackenzie Edwards confronted one of them by calling her and asking what was going on with Ryan and the woman. This may have been the tipping point that made Mackenzie leave him, though it is unknown if this is a trip away or if she is leaving Ryan for good.

Many have criticized Mackenzie for staying with Ryan Edwards after his drug problems were revealed. Last year, fans were made aware of his $10,000 a month heroin addiction after Maci Bookout spoke about it on Teen Mom OG. Mackenzie claimed she had no idea that her husband was addicted to drugs, despite the fact that he was nodding off as he drove her to their wedding.