Ivanka Trump Posts Photo Of Herself At Father’s Speech In Ohio That Critics Find Distracting And Pointless

Pablo Martinez Monsivais AP Images

Ivanka Trump tweeted images from her father’s speech in Richfield, Ohio that showed him speaking and the crowd in attendance. But one photo, in particular, attracted criticism.

It’s not unusual for the first daughter to come under attack for her social media posts. It occurs on a consistent basis. However, some are more bemusing than others.

Ivanka Trump slipped an image in her series of snaps that was deemed by many to be unrelated to the event. In fact, it was relentlessly mocked.

Someecards News reports that Ivanka Trump posted a photo of herself in a belted trench coat looking pensively at the camera while surrounded by officials. Users were quick to call out the first daughter for being vain since she offered no insight into the photo.

The speech that President Donald Trump delivered was supposed to be about infrastructure but he veered into the topics of North Korea, Syria, and the TV comedy, Roseanne. Apparently, what his daughter was wearing wasn’t an important part of the visit to many people. Ivanka was trolled for opting to add the image of her in the trench coat.

The first daughter and senior aide to the president was accused by a few of “pretending” to be something she wasn’t. The news source posted some of the tweets that derided Trump for the photo.

A few weeks ago Ivanka Trump visited Waukee, Iowa and toured a science facility to promote her father’s infrastructure plan to include federal job training. She participated in a photo-op in which she donned a white lab coat, goggles, and gloves to take part in an experiment of measuring liquid for “vape juice.” The photo-op was ridiculed mercilessly on Twitter, Refinery29 reports.

Ivanka had a sense of humor about the situation when she said she may not get the measurement right, but at least she’ll “look the part.”

The images that were posted to Ivanka’s Instagram account even drew a comment from a NASA engineer.

“Hey @IvankaTrump it’s great that you like to cosplay as a scientist on Instagram but some of us are an #ActualLivingScientist. Tell us about what you’re doing in this picture. I’m making a battery. #ILookLikeAnEngineer,” the engineer wrote.

While she certainly has her share of supporters, Ivanka Trump is viewed by a substantial number of people as being unqualified to serve in government at such a high level. Her lack of experience in the governmental capacity and inability to relate common everyday people has made her a target of constant scorn.