Real Reason Why Bill Goldberg Will Be Inducted Into WWE Hall Of Fame By Paul Heyman Revealed

Two years ago, it was doubtful that Bill Goldberg would ever be featured on WWE programming again. He had been in exile for over 12 years, but the WWE Universe was hopeful he’d return to the company for at least a Hall of Fame induction someday. After an inspirational comeback run that some people doubted would ever happen, Bill Goldberg is prepared to headline the WWE Hall of Fame this year in New Orleans.

Goldberg’s induction should be the perfect ending to his wrestling career, but a lot of people were surprised when confirmed that Paul Heyman would be the one to induct him during the ceremony. Most fans are thrilled about the idea of Heyman inducting someone, especially Bill Goldberg. However, there are questions about their history, and the Wrestling Observer Newsletter has shed some light on why Heyman was chosen to induct one of the most popular performers in wrestling history into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Apparently, Paul Heyman’s contributions to Goldberg’s recent comeback were extremely important. WWE fans noticed a dramatic improvement in his promos during his rivalry with Brock Lesnar, and Heyman was responsible for producing most of his material and for putting together the matches with Lesnar. Over the course of those seven months, the two obviously worked together closely and clearly built a strong rapport.

Paul Heyman has been by Brock Lesnar’s side for so long, it will be interesting to see him advocate for someone else.

According to a recent report from TheWrap, Paul Heyman’s contract with WWE is also expected to expire shortly after WrestleMania 34. It’s likely that he will be leaving with Brock Lesnar, so WWE officials want to utilize Heyman while he’s still with the company. Despite it seeming a little random beforehand, a lot of people are thrilled about Heyman inducting Goldberg because they know Paul will deliver a great speech.

Historically, a WWE Hall of Fame induction has been a perfect way for a performer to officially retire. The option will always be open for them to have more matches, but an induction typically closes the door on the possibility of more matches with WWE. If Goldberg has worked his last match for the company then WWE officials want to end his wrestling career with an exclamation point, and Paul Heyman is the perfect person to help accomplish that goal. The WWE Universe and Bill Goldberg will do the rest next Friday evening.

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