As Melania Trump Faces Growing Divorce Rumors, Top Celebrity Divorce Attorney Prepares To Make Her Case

Manuel Balce Ceneta AP Images

Melania Trump is facing growing divorce rumors after the allegations of Donald’s affair with adult film star Stormy Daniels, and now a top divorce law firm in New York is apparently preparing to make her case.

Last week, Daniels appeared on 60 Minutes for a tell-all interview in which she revealed details of her alleged affair with Donald Trump, which took place months after Melania gave birth to the couple’s son. A later report from Hollywood Life claimed that attention around the allegations left Melania Trump humiliated and furious with Donald, to the point that she would not even look at him. Now, the New York Daily News reported that a top law firm is showing the world what Melania might do if she took Donald to court.

Celebrity divorce attorney Susan Moss, whose firm represented Star Jones and Matt Lauer’s wife in their divorce proceedings, is planning a “two-hour speech” on how to split financial assets in a high-profile case — and using the First Couple as the example. Moss had already given a similar pitch, the report noted, and even took on a Slovenian accept as she portrayed Melania Trump.

Moss is making the case that Melania Trump would stand to gain a fortune in a divorce from Donald, the report noted.

“Moss detailed forensic measures that could prove how much Melania’s lifestyle costs so a judge could determine her potential alimony payments despite the fact that the President’s tax returns might say he has zero income because of tax loopholes,” a source told the New York Daily News.

The presentation may not mean that Melania Trump is actually filing for divorce, but shows that interest is high in the legal community should she decide to take that step. Melania has denied rumors of tension in the marriage, but the Hollywood Life report noted that there are some public signs that she and Donald are on bad terms, including Melania purposely keeping a distance from her husband. When the Stormy Daniels interview aired on 60 Minutes, for example, Melania remained at Donald’s luxury Mar-a-Lago resort, more than 1,000 miles away from Donald.

Melania has also been unable to avoid the spotlight that comes with the White House — or the criticism. This week she came under fire for failing to come to the defense of Parkland school shooting survivors who have come under attack by some on the right, despite Melania leading an anti-cyberbullying initiative.


Despite the reports, there is no clear sign that Melania Trump actually plans to file for divorce.