Miley Cyrus Celebrates Another Holiday With Special Pictures And A ‘Vogue’ Easter Feature

It looks like 2018 is going to be the year that Miley Cyrus marks each holiday with a special social media statement. Whether it was Valentine’s Day and her special photo shoot with Ellen von Unwerth or St. Patrick’s Day with videos and pictures showing the fun she had with friends, the “Malibu” singer has been showing her fans her holiday spirit. Now, in time for Easter, Cyrus is once more taking part in a photo shoot to show off the way she plans to celebrate the holiday.

In a special Easter feature for Vogue Magazine, Miley Cyrus gives the world a sneak peek of the glitzy holiday celebration she has in mind, and it does not seem to include chocolate bunnies or Cadbury eggs. According to Vogue, Cyrus sent them an email telling them that one of the ways she intends to spend her Easter weekend is by “going to a drag show… duh!” However, the drag show is not the only way the singer is marking the holiday, as the new pictures posted to her Instagram account, and shared in the pages of the magazine, can attest.

In a series of pictures taken by Vijat Mohindra, Miley Cyrus seems to be continuing the tradition of marking this year’s holidays with images and videos that are also being shared on social media. Not only did Cyrus acknowledge that she was essentially making a photographic social media calendar of the holidays, but she also said that she was “excited that Vogue wants to get involved and celebrate with me.”

On Miley Cyrus’ Instagram account, fans can find many of the pictures that were also part of the Vogue Easter special, with a number of the images showing the singer wearing pink bunny ears. In one picture, Cyrus is seen over the Easter Bunny’s lap apparently being spanked, while another picture shows the singer as part of an Easter basket that has metallic colored eggs in and around the basket as she holds on to a carrot.

In all of the pictures, Miley Cyrus gives the look of a whimsical and playful pinup girl, and with a few different costume changes shown, it is clear that the singer was going for a very mature and spring-appropriate look for her Easter images. Whether she was being playful or giving a more serious and sedate vibe, Cyrus showed that she has evolved over the years to be a more mature yet fun-loving individual who can appreciate all the whimsy that Easter has to offer.

As Miley Cyrus told the magazine, when it comes to fashion, “If everything is cute… it works together, so pile it on and wear all your favorites at once,” because the way she sees things, there is really no such thing “as too much.”

While the fun and playful photo shoots that Cyrus has been sharing with the world this year are one aspect of the singer, there is certainly a lot more to her than just that. She has also shared pictures from her support of the March for Our Lives campaign and other causes that she feels strongly about. While fans might love these glimpses into the singer’s more whimsical side, Miley Cyrus is also making sure that people remember the serious issues she supports as well.

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