The Weeknd Wants Bella Hadid Back, Berates Ex Selena Gomez On New Album, Reports ‘Hollywood Life’

Right after dropping his latest EP My Dear Melancholy, rumors swirled about The Weeknd wanting Bella Hadid back in his life now that he called it quits with Selena Gomez.

As reported by Hollywood Life, The Weeknd seems to be sending several messages through the songs in his six-track album. “Wasted Times” appears to be the singer’s appeal to his former Victoria’s Secret model girlfriend Bella Hadid. At the same time, there is also speculation that another song in the album, “Call Out My Name,” is directed at Gomez.

“Wasted Times”: A Serenade For Bella Hadid?

The world was taken aback when The Weeknd dropped his latest album, and among the songs that gained much attention was “Wasted Times.” Rumors suggest that it serves as The Weeknd’s apology to Bella Hadid, and at the same time, his way of slamming Gomez.

“Wasted times I spent with someone else. She wasn’t even half of you.”

Aside from those lines, the singer also had much to say about his availability, or so fans think. There were also reports that the “Starboy” singer still had a thing with the 21-year-old model.

Us Magazine reported that it’s just a matter of time before The Weeknd and Hadid get back together. The couple broke up back in 2016 before the singer dated Selena Gomez. The same report revealed that Hadid and The Weeknd were still keeping in touch with each other.

“And I know right now that we’re not talkin.’ I hope you know this d**ck is still an option. ‘Cause I’ll beat it up.”

The Weeknd was spotted leaving the model’s apartment in New York City back in mid-November. While the two are happy with the relationship they have, the source claimed that the couple is trying to take it slow.

The Weeknd Slams Selena Gomez

If there are rumors on The Weeknd wanting Hadid back, there are also speculations that the singer is throwing shade on his girlfriend of 10 months, Selena Gomez. As reported by Hollywood Life, the singer’s songs appear to be hinting at how he feels about the breakup with Gomez.

“We found each other. I helped you out of a broken place. You gave me comfort. But falling for you was my mistake.”

The line from the song “Call Out My Name” also stirred speculation that The Weeknd hinted that he was ready to give his kidney to Gomez while they were still in a relationship. Gomez got back together with Justin Bieber following their split, but the two have already called it quits.

For the moment, these are nothing but rumors, and it remains to be seen if The Weeknd and Bella Hadid does end up back in each other’s arms.