‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Sam Calls For Time Out, Jason Shares Sweet Moments With Liz

General Hospital spoilers from Soap Hub reveal that it’s bound to be a week of self-reflection for Sam (Kelly Monaco), and it appears that Jason (Steve Burton) will also be on his way to dealing with the recent confrontation with his former lover.

Family Time

Mike (Max Gail) is suffering from Alzheimer’s and Sonny (Maurice Benard) started to accept the fact that his father has a degenerative disease. With Carly’s (Laura Wright) help, the family will orchestrate a special event for Mike.

Recreating memories from the past is one tip to help Alzheimer’s patients and Sonny will do as much for his dad. The entire town will also help Mike remember the old times. It seems like Port Charles will look the same as it did back in the 90’s when Mike still played a crucial role in the community. General Hospital spoilers tease more reminiscing as the week comes to a close.

Time To Move On

Sam’s love declaration took its toll on Drew (Billy Miller) and Jason. No one can fault Drew for flipping when he heard what Sam had to say, and he has a lot of thinking to do. While Drew tries to figure out his feelings, General Hospital spoilers reveal that Jason will also try his best to move on with his life. He has lingering feelings for Sam, but things are a bit too complicated at the moment.

Jason will also be spending time with Liz (Rebecca Herbst). Liz is not living with Franco at the moment, and spoilers hint that they will finally settle their differences. It seems like there’s a possibility that Liz and Jason will find comfort in each other’s arms. Franco will also continue to struggle with his current situation.

Aside from Liz, Jason will also spend time with his mother, and it appears like he will tell Monica how much he loves her.

Other General Hospital Spoilers

Spoilers hint that there will be other significant events in Port Charles as the week ends. Alexis will bump into Ned, and it seems like the latter will feel guilty knowing that the elections were rigged. Maxie will also spend some time with Bobbie who will give her a pep talk. Anna will also recount all the things she lost along the way, but based on the current happenings, General Hospital spoilers reveal that it’s just a matter of time before she learns that her son is in the same town.