Dallas Cowboys Rumors: Dez Bryant Will Be Cut By Team After NFL Draft, Yahoo Sports’ Jordan Schultz Says

Bill KostrounAP Images

The Dallas Cowboys rumors involving wide receiver Dez Bryant now show that his time playing in Dallas is finally coming to a close next month. While rumors had suggested a trade might take place involving the Cowboys and another team, the most likely scenario will be that Bryant is cut by the team. Here’s the latest word on the timeline for when the star receiver will be cut so that another team can possibly sign him in the near future.

Just a few days ago, Jordan Schultz of Yahoo Sports, tweeted about the Dez Bryant situation in Dallas. Schultz said that the team will cut Dez Bryant after the NFL Draft has taken place, and that it will definitely happen. This comes after weeks of speculation once the season ended that the plan was for the team to part ways with Bryant. Other rumors had indicated that a trade could take place, with plenty of fans of other teams in the league feeling their squad might be the ones to make some sort of deal for Bryant. While those rumors have been fun for fans to speculate on, Schultz seems to shed light on the fact that a trade is less likely now.

Dallas Cowboys dez bryant to be cut after NFL Draft
Jordan Schultz is telling Cowboys fans expect to see Dez Bryant cut after the NFL Draft has concluded.Featured image credit: Ron JenkinsAP Images

Ever since the offseason started, the Cowboys have been dealing with the issue of Bryant’s $12.5 million base salary and $16.5 million cap figure. However, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones made recent comments that seemed to indicate that they were looking to work out a deal with Bryant, as reported by the Star-Telegram.

“I think that these two guys that we signed [Hurns and Thompson] and what we might look at in the draft, at any level of the draft, plus what we might get worked out with Dez, gives us a good-looking receiver outlook.”

An emphasis in the article was made on the phrase “what we might get worked out with Dez,” as it’s looking like there probably won’t be any way to keep him on the roster. That will at least get rid of the headache of his salary issue, allowing another team to pick him up.

Bryant is a multiple-time NFL Pro Bowler while playing for the Dallas Cowboys. In Bryant’s heyday, he was the recipient of many passes from longtime Dallas quarterback Tony Romo. However, the team is now moving on in a new direction as they have Dak Prescott leading the way. It was also mentioned by 12 UP in their report that when the Cowboys signed Allen Hurns, he was considered to be Bryant’s replacement on the roster.

Bryant came to the Dallas Cowboys in 2010 and has remained with the team ever since. For his career stats, he’s racked up 7,459 yards receiving and 73 touchdowns on 531 receptions. The 2018 NFL Draft is scheduled to take place from April 26 through April 28, so expect to see the Bryant move made after those dates.