Mike Morse Traded Back To Seatle

Mike Morse has been traded to the Seattle Mariners.

According to UPI, the Washington Nationals outfielder/first baseman will be heading back to Seattle where he started his MLB career in 2005.

Three teams will be involved in the Morse trade. Morse, who averaged 24.5 home runs and 78.5 RBI over the last two seasons with the Nationals, will head to the Mariners. Mariners catcher John Jaso, who had 50 RBIs in 2012, will head to the Oakland A’s. And the A’s will give three prospects to the Nationals.

According to Fox Sports, talks about a Morse trade have been brewing since the Nationals acquired Adam LaRoche. Morse has been battling injuries but the Seattle Mariners are pretty excited to land the slugger.

The Mariners wrote on Twitter:

“Mike Morse says he can hit a ball out of the grand canyon on conference call. 11 HR of 440 or more feet over last 2 seasons confirms.”

Morse sent a message to his DC fans today and said that he was looking forward to starting a new chapter in Seattle.

Morse said:

“To all my D.C. Fans , I’m forever grateful for the love and support you have shown me from day 1. I will always have a spot for you and this incredible franchise in my heart. I would like to thank the Lerners and Mike Rizzo for giving me the opportunity to play everyday. We made magic last year and I will never forget the Natitude! I will miss my teammates and the moments we’ve shared. It has been an awesome 4 years, and now it’s on to the next chapter. D.C., it has been a fun ride ….Always Beastmode”

What do you think of the Mike Morse trade?