Tyra Banks Admits To ‘Secret’ Nose Job, 159-Pound Weight After 30-Pound Weight Loss, Using ‘Fake Hair’ [Video]

Christopher Polk/Albert Ortega / StringerGetty Images

Tyra Banks is exposing her beauty and health secrets in a new book. Banks admitted to having plastic surgery and shared her reasons for her recent weight loss in her new book, Perfect Is Boring: 10 Things My Crazy, Fierce Mama Taught Me About Beauty, Booty, and Being a Boss. According to Amazon, Tyra’s book will be released on April 3, with Banks and Carolyn London listed as contributors.

Tyra also admitted that she is now a 44-year-old woman who is 30 pounds lighter on the scale, as reported by People. Doctors encouraged her to drop weight, with Banks currently weighing in at 159 pounds as she recovers from an ankle injury.

Tyra explained in the book that she “tweaked” her nose after having a “Pinocchio nose” that seemingly wouldn’t stop growing after a childhood accident. Tyra explained that her nose kept on growing wide — from left and right in the area between her eyes — with the area often feeling itchy as if her skin was stretching. A makeup artist told Tyra that something “weird” was going on with her nose bones, with the artist claiming that Tyra’s nose was bigger than the previous year.

“You ever thought about getting that fixed? It’s like it’s alive.”

Tyra wrote that her nose injury happened when she was about 3-years-old and fell hard onto her face as her aunt babysat. The woman told Tyra’s mom to take her to the doctor, claiming Tyra had broken her nose, but since Tyra wasn’t crying or screaming that much, her mother thought she didn’t need a hospital trip. However, Tyra believes her aunt may have been correct about the broken nose and why her upper nose bones were growing weirdly.

Banks is a supermodel who doesn’t blame other women for wanting to tweak parts of themselves that they don’t like. Women who weren’t born with natural beauty shouldn’t feel ashamed to get help via plastic surgery or makeup, Banks explained, revealing she had a secret nose job early in her career.


Women who have natural beauty shouldn’t unfairly criticize women who like to use hair weaves and other cosmetic accouterments to enhance themselves. The whole message with Tyra’s new book in this phase of her life is that women need to stop shaming each other.