One Trump Family Member Was Wowed By The ‘Roseanne’ Reboot — So Far

Jordan StraussAP Images

It seems at least one member of the Trump brood enjoyed the Roseanne reboot debut which aired on Tuesday night. It is not known who among the Trump family actually watched the show, but Donald Trump Jr. took to Twitter to give it his stamp of approval today, reports Deadline.

After the reports emerged on Roseanne ranking astronomically high in the ratings, Donald Trump Jr. sent an open message to Roseanne Barr in a tweet. He wrote, “Wow amazing. Congrats [Roseanne].” He also suggested that there is a need for someone like her among the late night talk shows. He conveyed how “there’s some demand for an alternate viewpoint” and if she’s not too busy, she might give the late night venue a thought.

The show Roseanne is doing something it did when it originally debuted back in 1988 when it broke the ground for showing a working-class American family with all their dysfunctions and problems. In 2018, it is offering groundbreaking content once again by showing the same family dealing with the polarization of the Trump politics of today.

From sister Jackie (Laurie Metcalf) wearing her “Nasty Woman” shirt to Roseanne Barr not afraid to push Trump politics, this reboot premiere captured scenes that have played out in real-life homes across the nation. Apparently, Donald Trump Jr. recognized this, prompting him to post the tweet below.


According to the Washington Post, the Roseanne premiere on Tuesday night was the “highest-rated sitcom episode in years.” The calculations are in and it appears that 18.2 million people tuned in to see Roseanne Barr reboot Roseanne with a little Donald Trump politics tossed in for good measure.

It was the “best results for an hour-long telecast since the fall of 2006, cites the Washington Post. The show got a 5.1 rating with the much-coveted 18-49 age group in the demographics. ABC was riding high in the ratings on Tuesday night thanks to Roseanne and her Trump politics.


While Roseanne offered visions of some old favorites, like that afghan draped over that old worn-out, but comfortable couch, it also offered some new twists. The props dealing with this new era were seen mixed in with the old, like Jackie’s “Nasty Woman” shirt and the medication bottles becoming a major part of the Conner family finances.

What didn’t change was the ability for the Roseanne and Dan Conner characters to make the audience laugh. While it is not known if President Trump saw the same type of value in the show as his namesake did, Trump supporters and critics alike seemed to like how Roseanne was sculpted for today’s political views, almost like a piece of art.