Kylie Jenner: Blac Chyna Furious Fans Think She’s Copying ‘KUWTK’ Star Amid Feud, ‘Hollywood Life’ Reports

Paras GriffinGetty Images

Kylie Jenner seems to be someone that Blac Chyna would not want to associate herself with, which would explain why the former stripper is furious over fans claiming that she’s trying to copy the reality star’s style and makeup techniques, Hollywood Life claims.

When Blac was still dating Rob Kardashian, Kylie Jenner had mended the previous drama she had with the mother of two for the sake of her brother’s relationship. However, as soon as the romance crumbled last year, it seemed that the friendship Kylie and Blac had built was quick to fall apart.

After endless lawsuits and insults thrown from both sides, it’s clear that Kylie Jenner and Chyna are no longer on good terms, so it would seem out of this world for Blac to suddenly start stealing the 20-year-old’s style, given the supposed fact that they can’t stand one another.

Sources told the media outlet that Chyna is insulted with people’s opinions regarding her fashion sense and her makeup, which supposedly happens to resemble Kylie Jenner a lot.

Several fans pointed out on Blac’s Instagram page that she was beginning to look a lot like Kylie, which many assumed was a way of dissing the TV personality. However, Hollywood Life claims that trying to copy Jenner’s look is the last thing on Chyna’s mind.

She’s somewhat insulted by the fact that people would still associate her with the Kardashians in that way. The 29-year-old reportedly couldn’t care less what Kylie Jenner is wearing or applying to her face; she feels as if the drama she shared with the family is behind her, and the last thing Blac would want to do is continue a war that’s already done and dusted.

Despite having birthed Rob Kardashian’s baby girl, Dream, just over a year ago, the Kardashians, including Kylie Jenner, do not share a relationship with Chyna in any sort of way.

It’s been an endless process for Blac and Rob to come to a custodial agreement, but they are actively trying to make their new arrangements work in a way that still avoids the Kardashians from ever having to make contact with the former stripper.