‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Ryan Edwards Allegedly On Tinder Cheating On Mackenzie, According To The Grace Report

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It was discovered several months ago that Ryan Edwards had been on Tinder attempting to cheat on his wife, Mackenzie Edwards. Now, YouTuber the Grace Report, who makes recap and gossip videos about the Teen Mom franchise, has alleged that she had authenticated a Tinder profile created by Ryan Edwards.

According to the Grace Report, Ryan was spotted on the app by a woman who matched with him. The pair texted and sent messages back and forth, and she sent the screenshots to the Grace Report in order to tip her off. The Grace Report states that the anonymous woman who sent her the screenshots alleged that when she called Ryan, it sounded exactly like him.

The Grace Report stated that she did not want to “spill the tea” until she could authenticate matters for herself, adding that she also called the number given to her via the anonymous tipster and says she also asked for Ryan. He then confirmed that it was him, and according to her, his voice also sounded much the same as it does on Teen Mom OG.

The YouTuber has stated that she wants the anonymous tipster to sell her story to a tabloid like Radar Online so that she can not only make some money but also have the number and Tinder profile properly authenticated.

The news of Ryan’s Tinder profile comes on the day the news that he was arrested for heroin-related charges after breaking his probation, which occurred the day after it was revealed he and Mackenzie Edwards are expecting their first child together. The pair’s story has been featured for the past couple of years on Teen Mom OG. They legally wed last May, though Ryan was very obviously nodding off as he drove due to his addiction.

Mackenzie Edwards has recently released a statement saying that Ryan is clean and has recently passed a drug test for his drugs of choice. She stated that the recent arrest stemmed from drug charges from April of 2017 when he was in possession of heroin. She has not acknowledged the allegation that he is back on Tinder.