Eliminated ‘The Voice’ Contestant Calls Kelly Clarkson ‘Small Minded’ And The Singer Responds

Over the years, Kelly Clarkson has proven to be a rather outspoken advocate for the LGBTQ+ community, saying that being supportive should not be a “unique thing” and that support should be for everyone and help to lift everyone up. However, while Clarkson may be a very strong supporter, this does not mean that everyone feels that she is doing things the right away. In fact, a recently eliminated The Voice contestant called out the “Love So Soft” singer for a comment that they felt was rather “small minded.”

According to Entertainment Tonight, Molly Stevens, who is openly gay, was apparently upset by Kelly Clarkson comparing her to singers such as the Indigo Girls and Melissa Etheridge. In a tweet that has since been deleted, Stevens said that she was honored to be compared to this level of talent, but at the same time she “believe[s] that comment did us all a disservice and only threw us into a labeling trap.”

It was at this point that Molly Stevens basically called Kelly Clarkson small minded, as she said, “It felt small minded to me and exactly what I feel we need to bring attention to the world,” while also saying that she believes people are always putting others in boxes and, “it’s a common stereotype that happens too often.”

However, while Molly Stevens may have removed her tweet, a screenshot by a fan of Kelly Clarkson’s tagging the two singers and demanding an apology from the former The Voice contestant, led to the “Love So Soft” singer responding to the comments. In her response to Stevens, Clarkson said that it, “really bums me out” to hear this, and she wants everyone to hear what she has to say about the situation. Kelly Clarkson said she wanted everyone, including Molly Stevens, to hear “all of the words” she had to say.

The singer acknowledged that she did compare Stevens to Melissa Etheridge and the Indigo Girls. However, she also pointed out another name she used, Patty Griffin, which Clarkson said was “left out conveniently.” As Kelly Clarkson explained herself, the reason she chose these singers was because of the rasp that Molly Stevens has to her voice, as well as her ability to tell a story with her music.

According to Billboard, after Clarkson responded to the original tweet from Molly Stevens, the eliminated contestant once more took to social media, only this time it was to apologize to her former The Voice coach, saying that it was not her intention to hurt the other woman with her words. Stevens said that she tries to “live in truth and light” and she wanted Kelly Clarkson to know she was sorry “for thinking differently.”

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