Melania Trump Reportedly ‘Horrified’ By Cheating Rumors, Avoiding Donald Trump Photo Ops, Reports ‘Spin’

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In the wake of soaring rumors that President Donald Trump cheated on Melania Trump, the first lady’s every move has been analyzed. Her body language when she is with Donald has been analyzed in detail, along with just how close (or how far apart) the Trumps stand.

Recently, however, Melania has been noticeably absent for the traditional presidential photo opportunities. And there’s a reason for Melania Trump’s absence from those photos with President Donald Trump, according to Spin, which alleged that Donald’s reportedly humiliated wife is avoiding such situations. Looking back at the couple’s recent history, the publication alleged that Melania Trump steers clear of opportunities to be photographed with her husband whenever rumors soar that he cheated on her.

Donald Trump Cheating Allegations Rumored To Cause Melania To Go MIA For Photo Ops

Just after ringing in the New Year, Melania faced reports that her husband’s so-called “fixer,” Michael Cohen, had paid off adult film star Stormy Daniels, one of the women with whom Donald Trump allegedly had an affair. Amid those reports that some thought confirmed the affair, Melania suddenly exited from a planned trip to Davos.

If she had gone as planned with the president, the voyage would have meant inevitable photos with the two posed side by side. Instead, Melania headed to Mar-a-Lago, a trip that had not been scheduled or announced ahead of time, which is against the traditional protocol for first ladies. But such silent avoidance of presidential photo ops amid cheating rumors has become traditional for Melania, according to the publication.

“The first lady has a track record of abandoning traditional photo ops with her husband after reports of affairs go public.”

Offering another example, Spin pointed to Melania’s absence on March 23 as President Trump strolled across the South Lawn to Marine One. The formal White House scheduled named Melania as one of the passengers on the chopper. But instead, Trump went alone. Sources cited by the publication linked Melania’s absence to Anderson Cooper’s interview with former Playboy model Karen McDougal.

As President Donald Trump stepped off Air Force One at Palm Beach International Airport, Melania Trump appeared to blow past him to avoid being photographed by his side.
As President Donald Trump stepped off Air Force One at Palm Beach International Airport, Melania Trump appeared to blow past him to avoid being photographed by his side. Featured image credit: Carolyn KasterAP Images

Affair Allegations “Horrify” Melania Trump, Says Insider

McDougal has alleged that just three months after Melania and Donald Trump welcomed their son, Barron, into the world, he had unprotected sex with her. Trump allegedly escorted her to the separate bedroom that Melania used during a tour of their home in Trump Tower. An insider quoted by the publication described Melania’s reaction when she learned about the allegations.

“Melania is horrified by Donald and what he has done to them.”

Amid the reports of Donald Trump’s alleged affairs and Melania’s reactions, her social media accounts offer no clues as to how the first lady feels.

And while some might have thought there was a touch of irony in Melania sharing a Twitter post about the International Women of Courage ceremony that “both recognizes and celebrates the strength and leadership of women around the globe,” the first lady was shown smiling in the photos, which were taken without the president by her side.

Given the need to fulfill her duties as a first lady, Melania can’t avoid all presidential photo ops. However, in the wake of the latest news interviews with Trump’s alleged mistresses, she was described as rushing past Donald in when he was climbing down the stairs of Air Force One in Florida. That sight led to speculation that Melania has reached her “breaking point,” noted Spin.