Jinger Duggar Continues To Rebel Against Jim Bob’s Strict Rules And ‘Counting On’ Fans Love It

Ever since Counting On star Jinger Duggar married Jeremy Vuolo in November 2016, she has emerged as the ultimate rebel Duggar child, and fans can’t get enough of the 24-year-old living life on her own terms. Now that she is about to become a mom, her rebellious maternity style is garnering some serious praise, and there is nothing her dad Jim Bob can do about it.

According to Romper, Duggar has continued to rock pants while pregnant, and she is also pairing high heels with her maternity outfits. She is continuing to ignore her family’s fashion norms and Counting On viewers are saying that her maternity looks are much better than her sisters’.

In her most recent Instagram post, Duggar wore a patterned cap sleeve shirt, skinny black pants, and nude high heels.

“Wearing leggings and exposing arms. I love it, Jinger! You can do all that and love the Lord Jesus. I’m glad you’re your own person. Oh, and your shoes are amazing,” wrote a fan in the pic’s comment section.

Others asked if the mom-to-be had her own style blog since her outfits were so trendy.

Duggar’s sisters Joy-Anna, Jessa, and Jill all wore long skirts during their pregnancies and would often pair them with loose t-shirts, a look more in line with the family’s strict dress code.

But, since Jinger was the first female in the family to wear pants, it makes sense that she is doing other things with her fashion while pregnant, and she has Vuolo’s full support.

Jinger has never been afraid to take risks, and she has made that clear with more than just her fashion choices. Her husband is not a typical catch for a Duggar daughter. He grew up in a non-religious home, went to a secular college where he wasn’t afraid to party, has tattoos, and played professional soccer.

She also moved away from the family home in Arkansas to Laredo, Texas, making her the first daughter to live in a different state. Jinger has said in the past that she loves to travel and would like to live in a big city, so it’s not surprising that she wasn’t afraid to leave Tontitown.

Vuolo is the pastor of Grace Community Church, and his online bio he revealed that Jinger is due in July. However, she has said that they haven’t done much prep or collected anything for the arrival of their first baby.

She did say that some friends have given her a few things, but they aren’t in any rush to get ready for baby Vuolo just yet. Jinger does admit, though, that she and her husband are cherishing every moment of the pregnancy, and he is excited to be a dad.

Jinger Duggar says that the first time Jeremy Vuolo felt the baby kick he was thrilled, saying it was amazing that he could feel the baby.

New episodes of Counting On return this summer on TLC.

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