‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Brokenhearted Drew Bonds With Oscar, Sam Asks For Some Space

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Wednesday’s episode will take a toll on Drew (Billy Miller), Sam (Kelly Monaco), and Jason (Steve Burton). Soap Hub teases exciting happenings in Port Charles.

Drew Blows Off Some Steam

After hearing Sam’s confession, General Hospital spoilers indicate that Drew just can’t rein in his feelings. He still feels displaced by the recent happenings and discoveries. He might have been glad to find a friend in Franco (Roger Howarth) following their adventure, but nothing prepared him for what Sam told him.

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Drew will continue to feel angry and sad because of his current situation. He always felt threatened by the fact that he is not Jason Morgan, just the twin of the man Sam loved. Sam decided to choose him, but it seems like his lady love is starting to waver.

Hearing Sam’s honest feelings about the man confirmed his suspicions all along. At this point, Drew will need someone who understands him, and General Hospital spoilers suggest that he might find the support he needs from his teenage son, Oscar. Drew might not remember fathering Oscar or his mother, but he shared a strong bond with the teenager.

Drew will have to answer to some of Jason’s friends when what happened at the docks get out.

While Drew bonds with Franco, General Hospital spoilers reveal that Sam will also tell Jason she needs some space. She should have seen the confrontation between the twins coming when she came clean to Drew. Of course, saying her feelings out loud also means that she should be responsible for her actions.

Carly Bonds With Josslyn

This week has been a tough one for Carly (Laura Wright). The bloody scarf similar to the one Morgan owned haunts her and seems to be making her feel edgy. So, she needs to have a break from all the craziness surrounding her courtesy of Nelle (Chloe Lanier).

With Oscar spending time with his dad, General Hospital spoilers reveal that Josslyn will have some bonding time with her mother. Carly has been concerned with Josslyn’s relationship with Oscar, and she can take this time to bond with her daughter.

Messy Lives

This week will continue to be a roller coaster ride for Peter (Wes Ramsey) and Franco. Franco doesn’t know where he stands with Liz although she welcomed him with open arms. Some issues need to be resolved first. At the same time, Betsy is not making any sense either, which leaves Franco confused and dejected. It seems like the little adventure Drew and Franco went on did not change much for the two of them.

Meanwhile, Peter will also be walking on eggshells as he continues to conceal his identity. General Hospital spoilers reveal that he will continue to find a way to hide who he is.