Everything That’s Wrong With ‘Looper’ In 3 Minutes [Video]

A YouTube video has appeared online showing ‘everything wrong with Looper in 3 minutes or less.’ You can check it out at the foot of the page.

The clip’s makers, CinemaSins, have stated that Looper features 43 ‘movie sins,’ which range from continuity errors to plot inconsistencies via a strange menu option in the film’s diner. It also criticises the movie’s use of voiceover, stating, “Any movie that opens with three minutes of first-person narration definitely skipped the first day of Screenwriting 101.”

CinemaSins has already shown the various errors in The Dark Knight Rises, The Avengers, and The Amazing Spider-Man, since it was launched in December 2012.

Looper grossed $166 million around the world and was also praised by film critics too. Lou Lumenick of the New York Post called it, “An indie-inflected popcorn movie with major brains, brilliant acting and a highly satisfying payoff, Looper is the first must-see movie of the season.”

The movie revolves around Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s, Joseph Simmons, who works for a mafia company in Kansas City as a ‘looper.’ But when he is confronted with himself, played by Bruce Willis, from 30 years in the future, who has been sent back to be killed, Simmons’ allows him to escape, but then must find him otherwise he will be killed too.

Gordon-Levitt underwent used a lot of prosthesis in order to look more like Willis for the film and both actors were roundly praised for their performances.

What did you think of Looper? Has your view changed after being reminded of its various ‘movie sins’?