NFL Rumors: Odell Beckham Trade Would Give Green Bay Packers A ‘Scary Element’ In Offense, ‘SB Nation’ Reports

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The New York Giants are sending mixed signals about the status of Odell Beckham Jr. However, trade rumors involving Beckham will not end until the Giants decide to give him a new deal. For now, most analysts are still convinced that the Giants would eventually decide to trade the veteran wide receiver.

Beckham created headlines for the wrong reason again earlier this month. According to USA Today, the OBJ drama is “wearing on Giants officials” after the controversial video showing him in a room with questionable white power surfaced. And if New York decides to trade the 25-year-old superstar, Adam Stites of SB Nation believes the Green Bay Packers would be in a good position to acquire him from the Giants.

Stites said that the Packers should make a run at Beckham after failing to acquire Sammy Watkins and Allen Robinson, who signed with the Kansas City Chiefs and Chicago Bears, respectively. He believes that Beckham would give the Packers “a truly scary element” in offense. Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers will likely benefit from the potential trade, as he would have one of the best receivers in the league as his primary target.

The Giants are expected to ask for draft picks in a trade involving Beckham. Stites said that the Packers are currently in a “sweet spot” because they own the 14th pick in the 2018 NFL Draft. Giving up the pick for Beckham makes a lot of sense, and the Giants are also expected to accept it as part of a potential trade package.

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Money might be issue as well down the road because Beckham is expected to ask for a new contract. However, Stites pointed out that acquiring the three-time Pro Bowl receiver would make it easier for them to cut Randall Cobb, and save at least $9.4 million.

The Giants are expected to get offers from several teams in the coming weeks. Aside from the Packers, Stites also named the Cleveland Browns, Indianapolis Colts, San Francisco 49ers, and Los Angeles Rams among the teams who could pull off a trade for Beckham.

According to Mike Jones of USA Today, the Rams are expected to pursue Beckham if he is really available. Los Angeles is looking to acquire another wide receiver to replace Watkins. Jones said that acquiring a weapon of Beckham’s caliber would further improve their already-explosive offense.

Beckham was limited to four games last season due to an ankle injury. Before undergoing surgery, the four-year veteran had 25 catches for 302 yards with three touchdowns for the Giants. In 2016, the former LSU standout had a career-best 101 catches for 1,367 yards and 10 touchdowns.