‘General Hospital’ Spoilers For Week Of April 2: Liz And Jake In Danger, Griffin Burdened With Peter’s Secret

General Hospital spoilers tease more drama for the week of April 2. Soap Hub spoilers reveal what fans can look forward to next month.

The cliffhanger for the last week in March will see Bobbie and Maxie having a pep talk. The closeness between Maxie and Peter seems to be bothering a lot of people in town. Based on the current happenings, Maxie is pushing all people away and seems to have developed a strong connection to Peter.

General Hospital spoilers for Monday, April 2, reveals that Maxie will feel smothered. A lot of people are concerned about her, but she might take this the wrong way. If Maxie feels burdened, Lulu will also receive the encouragement she has been looking for. During the first episode in April, Spinelli will also be ready to leave.

On Tuesday, April 3, General Hospital spoilers reveal that Griffin will feel conflicted. After Peter dropped by for a visit to get tested for Huntington’s -the same hereditary disease Faison had -he started feeling suspicious about the man. To satisfy his curiosity, he ordered a DNA test, and it seems like he will be the keeper of a big secret.

On the same date, Peter will manipulate a situation, and it seems like he will make it work for his benefit. Whatever the situation is, it appears like Peter will try to find a way out of something. Meanwhile, Jason will feel worried about Elizabeth.

By Wednesday, April 4, General Hospital spoilers suggest that Peter will find himself wanting to get some answers. Meanwhile, Anna will also try to get some help. Andre already advised Anna to give up her search for the son she had with Faison, but it seems like she will not be deterred. It looks like some situations have to be resolved and the search for Henrik will have a conclusion soon.

On Thursday, April 5, Jason’s suspicions about Elizabeth’s safety will come true. General Hospital spoilers suggest that Liz will place herself and Jake in danger. However, Liz will have no idea that her decisions will lead to such a terrible situation. Franco will also feel shocked on the same day, and this might have something to do with Liz and Jake. Things are not looking too well for Friz. Meanwhile, Drew will soften up.

By the end of the week, General Hospital spoilers indicate that Carly will talk to Jason. The two will have to talk about an issue, and this might have something to do with Sam. Spoilers for the week of March 26 reveal that Drew will walk out on Sam, and Jason is the reason. However, Jason has no plans of forcing Sam to make a choice, and he would most likely give her time to make up her mind.

Meanwhile, General Hospital spoilers reveal that on Friday, it will Drew’s turn to be shaken and it seems like there’s another major issue involving him and his family.