‘TERA’ Launches On PlayStation 4, Xbox One This Week For Head Start Founders

After a few testing periods on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, action MMORPG TERA is finally releasing on consoles. The free-to-play title will launch for all on April 3, but players can get started early by purchasing a Founder’s Pack. Players can begin playing on March 27 by buying one of four Founder’s Packs for the game.

Founder’s Packs and the head start period both become available tomorrow. Exact availability times for the Founder’s Packs are different for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One storefronts. Players can view their launch times on the game’s official website. PlayStation 4 players do not need PS Plus to play TERA, but Xbox One players need to have an active Xbox Live Gold subscription.

TERA is about 42 gigabytes on PlayStation 4, while it just over 48 gigabytes on Xbox One. PlayStation 4 players that participated in the open beta can use their existing client. All Xbox One players will need to download the new launch client.

On April 3, TERA will be completely free to play with an optional subscription and in-game store. The Founder’s Packs offer a head start to players that purchase one. In addition to granting access to the game on March 27, each Founder’s Pack contains a number of items to aid in players’ adventures.

All four Founder’s Packs for TERA include EMP, the currency used in the game’s store. They each include a mount, pet, Strongbox Keys, and a Founder title. The base Founder’s Pack includes 1,000 EMP, the Blaze mount, the Totes banking pet, 10 keys, and the title. This pack will cost $29.99, according to developers as presented on Reddit.

The Founder’s Pack Deluxe includes 2,500 EMP, 30 days of the Elite subscription status, the Glory mount, the Caddy banking pet, an addition bank expansion, an additional character slot, 20 keys, and the Founder title. The Founder’s Pack Deluxe costs $59.99. The third TERA pack is the Founder’s Pack Supreme at $99.99. This pack contains 5,000 EMP, 90 days of Elite status, the Slash mount, the Cheeks banking pet, a Fiery Halo vanity item, three bank expansions, three more character slots, 50 keys, and the Founder title.

Finally, the Founder’s Pack Ultimate bundle offers 10,000 EMP, 180 days of Elite status, the Temper mount, five auto-looting pets, the Fiery Feathers vanity item, four bank expansions, four additional character slots, 100 keys, and the Founder title. This pack costs $149.99. All mounts, pets, and vanity items in each of the packs can only be claimed on one character.

A Founder’s Pack will be required to play on March 27, but everyone can start playing on April 3. At launch, 10 classes are available to play. Both PvE and PvP servers will be open when TERA launches on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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