Meghan Markle, Prince Harry Reportedly On Wedding Weight-Loss Diet Including Green Juice, Reports ‘ET’


Meghan Markle reportedly is encouraging Prince Harry to join her in the time-honored tradition of shedding for the wedding. From joining Meghan in adding green juice to his diet to learning yoga from Markle, Prince Harry has become somewhat of a “fitness fanatic,” a royal expert told ET.

Author of Harry: Life, Loss, and Love, Katie Nicholl praised Meghan’s ability to encourage Prince Harry to follow a healthier lifestyle. However, she admitted that his friends mock him for becoming so diligent about following Markle’s diet and fitness guidance.

“[Prince Harry] likes to start his day with a green juice now, just like Meghan, and his friends all find this very amusing that he’s turned into a bit of a fitness fanatic…Meghan and her green [Los Angeles, California] lifestyle I think have really rubbed off on the Prince.”

Katie emphasized that she feels Markle’s influence has improved Harry’s health, despite the jokes from his pals. Prince Harry reportedly frequently heads to the gym. Under Meghan’s tutelage, he has even quit smoking his favorite Marlboro Lights. In addition to cutting down on his cigarettes, Prince Harry has reduced his consumption of alcohol.

Meghan Markle Shedding For Wedding With “Skinny B***h” Workouts

Markle has taken advantage of a park outside Kensington Palace to achieve her own shedding-for-the-wedding goals. Meghan has been spotted running circuits in Kensington Gardens, and Prince Harry’s future wife also frequently visits the gym, according to Nicholl.

“Meghan is a complete fitness fanatic…. She’s a fan of a private members club that does intensive fitness training classes, it’s called the Skinny B***h Collective.”

Markle learned about the fitness classes from her pal Millie Mackintosh. But apparently running laps and taking the exercise courses are not quite enough for Meghan. She also “loves” practicing yoga, revealed Katie.

As an actress on 'Suits,' Meghan Markle learned the benefits of a healthy diet and fitness.
As an actress on 'Suits,' Meghan Markle learned the benefits of a healthy diet and fitness.Featured image credit: KGC-178STAR MAX/IPx/AP Images

In past interviews, Markle has been candid about her diet. As the Inquisitr reported, there has been speculation that Meghan is following the same pre-wedding weight-loss diet as Kate Middleton used, the high-protein, low-carb Dukan diet.

Meghan Markle Helps Prince Harry With Yoga And Getting “In Touch” With His Emotions

Meghan is so passionate about yoga that she begins each morning by practicing certain movements, and that passion has also influenced Prince Harry, said the royal expert. But the changes that Nicholl has observed in Meghan’s future husband since their engagement aren’t just about diet and exercise before the wedding.

Katie feels that Markle has succeeded in changing Harry mentally as well as physically. Since meeting Meghan and falling in love, Prince Harry has learned to smile more, said the royal expert.

In addition, Nicholl feels that Meghan has taught Prince Harry to be more open about his feelings.

“[Meghan Markle has helped him get] more in touch with his emotional side. [Prince Harry] is without a doubt a happier man with Meghan in his life.”

Reflecting on how Prince Harry has changed, the royal expert pointed out that he used to be known as a “wayward rebel.” She believes that Meghan has succeeded in taming him and changing him “for the better.” Prince Harry now appears happier when he appears in public, added Katie.

Markle appears to be a woman who can help Prince Harry with his royal duties while encouraging him to “embrace the future,” pointed out Nicholl. As for what that future holds after they tie the knot in just a few months, she predicts that children will be the next step.

“Prince Harry, particularly, is very keen to start a family, pretty soon after the royal wedding,” stated Katie. “He’s made no secret about wanting children.”

Namaste, Prince Harry.