Jennifer Aniston Moves On From Justin Theroux, But He Still Keeps Their Couple Photos, Reports 'People'

Mic Florendo

It's been over a month since Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux confirmed their split, and the Friends star seems to have no problem moving on from her estranged husband while he appears to be hoping for a reunion. According to People, the 49-year-old actress is moving on with her life without the 46-year-old actor. She is allegedly doing fine despite going through another highly-publicized divorce.

The website also reported that Jennifer and Justin got in touch with each other after their breakup, but they won't be getting back together. She allegedly continues to enjoy her life in Los Angeles while he stays in New York City. Aniston and Theroux had been living separately for a couple of months before their split, and that's why their life isn't that much different now than when they were still married.

Jennifer Aniston has a strong support group as her friends reportedly take care of her and invite her out to parties. Justin Theroux, on the other hand, was recently spotted at Fashion Week in Paris. According to ET, the screenwriter traveled with his male friends to France and was seen without his wedding ring.

While Justin appeared to have moved on, there are still some speculations that he still wants to get back together with Jennifer. The Leftovers star has decided to keep their adorable couple photos on Instagram, including the one where he got a sweet kiss from his estranged wife.

Justin has also reportedly returned to his simple lifestyle. He can now walk or ride his bicycle in New York. Unlike when he was with Jennifer, he was forced to ride in a car, which he allegedly hated. Theroux may be going through a lot, but he is trying to move on just like Aniston. While the blonde beauty turns to her friends for support, the screen heartthrob deals with their split in a different healthy way.