Major Update About The Undertaker’s WWE Future After ‘WrestleMania 34,’ According To ‘DirtySheets’

With only two weeks to go until WrestleMania 34, the Undertaker still has not been confirmed for a potential match with John Cena in New Orleans. Cena has been promoting the match for weeks now, but the Deadman hasn’t risen to accept his challenge yet. The WWE Universe knows it may be the last ride for the Undertaker, but like his upcoming match with John Cena, his WWE future hasn’t been confirmed.

According to a report from DirtySheets, the Undertaker may be willing to extend his wrestling career a few more years depending on how his match with Cena goes in New Orleans. Last year, against Roman Reigns, the Undertaker’s body finally seemed to catch up with him and his performance suffered a little. However, his overall health has improved a lot over the past year, and that has likely extended his career a bit longer.

The WWE Universe will embrace the Deadman having more matches as long as he can physically handle wrestling. The last thing anyone wants to see is his career come to an end with a serious injury like Sting, who suffered a serious, career-ending neck injury a few years ago. There will always be someone new to challenge him on the grandest stage of them all, but it seems the choice to continue wrestling will continue to fall on the Undertaker until he decides he’s done.

‘The Undertaker will wrestle another match at WrestleMania 35 in New York.’

The Undertaker’s long-term future will more than likely continue to be a mystery after every WrestleMania until he officially retires. If the Deadman still has two or three more WrestleMania matches left in him, the WWE Universe will be pleased to know that Roman Reigns didn’t officially retire him. The backlash against Roman Reigns was intense, but the fans would embrace John Cena or someone else retiring the Deadman.

After WrestleMania 34, the Undertaker is being rumored for the Greatest Royal Rumble Match in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, on April 27. He may not participate in the match itself, but it seems the Deadman will be making the occasional appearance on WWE programming when he’s needed. Even if WrestleMania 34 is the end of the Undertaker’s career, he’s not going to disappear into WWE history, as most of the WWE Universe assumed he would after retiring.

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