James Brown Biopic Casting Could Be Happening Soon

Since James Browns’ untimely death in 2006, there has been a lot of talk about a forthcoming biopic. Days after his death director Spike Lee, who was just receiving his first real success with mainstream film had signed on to direct a biopic of James Browns’ life.

Then the waiting period started, and since 2006 there hasn’t been a peep about the film. However, in a turn of events the Brown biopic is gaining some steam. After an interview with Rolling Stone, it’s none other than Ron Howard’s right hand man, Brian Grazer who let the news out about the film and his involvement.

It is said that Spike Lee has been replaced and the project had been stuck in what we like to call “production hell.” When Grazer sat down with Rolling Stone, that opened up a discussion about the James Brown biopic, in which Brian stated some exciting news:

“We’re going to start casting and we’re going to have to test lots of actors and be determined to pick the right one. No movie starts in a day. I’ve never loved a subject and not made the movie. Friday Night Lights took 13 years. American Gangster took seven or eight.”

In addition, Grazer was also open to discussing the controversy over the switch from Lee to himself, noting that it was a big shift in the James Brown biopic saga, seeing as Lee is an African American.

On that subject Grazer said:

“I view that a bunch of different ways. Mick and I don’t see the world that way. I started my career making Boomerang and CB4. I’ve made so many movies where I’ve supported black artists. Tate made The Help, and that had almost an entirely black population. I just want to try to make the best movie.”

What do you think about the switch from Spike Lee to Brian Grazer? Are you excited to see a James Brown biopic?