Melania Trump Pushes Past Her Husband And Throws Subtle Shade Trump’s Way Suggests ‘Hollywood Life’

Ahead of the Stormy Daniels 60 Minutes interview, which is set to air Sunday, Melania Trump continues to “throw shade” in subtle ways when around her husband, according to Hollywood Life. The latest bit of analyzing being done on Melania Trump’s body language focused on the first lady’s movements while she was getting off Air Force One with Donald Trump yesterday.

On Friday when Donald, Melania, and Barron Trump arrived in Florida for a weekend stay at Mar-A-Lago, Melania “decided to push ahead of her husband to get off the plane first,” wrote Hollywood Life. She was also seen with her hand tucked into her pocket and her other hand on the railing of the stairs coming down from the plane. It didn’t appear there was a hand-holding opportunity there for Trump.

She kept a pace a few steps in front of her husband and never made an attempt to hold his hand before getting into the car waiting for them in a motorcade on the tarmac, Hollywood Life reported. Then, they added even more mystery into how the Melania and Donald Trump relationship is faring as the Stormy Daniels interview nears. The celebrity tabloid also reported that Melania took a separate car to get to Air Force One when the trio left Washington for their weekend trip to Florida.

According to another article from Hollywood Life, Melania broke protocol by driving to Air Force One without her husband. He took Marine One from the White House to the plane. These “frigid” actions demonstrated by Melania are seen just before the Stormy Daniels interview is slated to air and on the heels of Karen McDougal’s interview on Anderson Cooper 360. Both women allege they had affairs with Donald Trump while Melania was newly married to him.

McDougal told Anderson Cooper that she had an affair with Trump around the same time Stormy is alleging her affair with Trump occurred. McDougal’s interview was enough to humiliate any wife whether there is truth to it or not. She went as far as alleging Trump had unprotected sex with her.

These latest actions that were observed between Melania and Donald Trump when they landed in Florida suggests there may be some residual effects from the allegations made by these women. It appears that Hollywood Life is under the impression that Melania is throwing shade on her husband due to these latest reports.

On the other side of the coin, Melania Trump posted a picture online for the world to see of a very happy and content-looking President and First Lady overlooking the D.C. snowfall this week from the White House. The simple caption said, “Greetings from the White House.” That is all that she added to post, which can be seen below.

As Express suggested, this “romantic” photo comes on the heels of McDougal’s interview, and despite what the media is saying, the picture shows Melania and her husband holding hands on a snowy afternoon at the White House. This picture doesn’t look like a woman who is upset with her husband.

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