WWE News: Bray Wyatt Shows Up For WWE Toronto Event, Matt Hardy Cuts Promo About His 'Deletion'

On Friday night, the WWE held their latest live event for the fans in Toronto, Canada, and Bray Wyatt was back for the show. "The Eater of Worlds" had recently been defeated, or deleted, by Matt Hardy in Monday's Raw main event, the "Ultimate Deletion" match. The aftermath of Wyatt's loss also saw him pushed into Matt's "Lake of Reincarnation," with Hardy's family friend, Senor Benjamin, unable to find Bray's body in the water. That led many fans to believe that Wyatt may not be back for quite some time after the latest episode of Monday Night Raw and that once he was, it would be as a different superstar.

However, fans took to Twitter on Friday night indicating that Bray Wyatt appeared back in the ring for the Toronto event. The latest live WWE show featured Wyatt attacking Goldust before getting on the mic to call out his recent opponent, Matt Hardy. Another fan's video showed Wyatt standing in the ring as Matt Hardy's music hit. Hardy arrived from backstage with a mic in hand, cutting a promo on his way down the ramp. During his talk, he told Wyatt to embrace that his darkness was being deleted and that it was "beautiful because your person is about to change."

The latest appearance by Bray Wyatt at the Toronto house show doesn't necessarily indicate he'll be part of any upcoming WWE Raw episodes, or even WrestleMania 34. However, the Matt Hardy promo about Wyatt's character change lines up with recent rumors and speculation. Right after the Raw episode where Wyatt was tossed into Hardy's lake, Wrestling Observer's Dave Meltzer indicated that Bray would be coming back "repackaged" by WWE.
There have also been some lingering rumors that Bray Wyatt could be the "mystery tag team partner" that teams up with Braun Strowman to compete at WrestleMania for the WWE Raw tag team titles. However, for now, it appears that WWE is giving fans a bit of an ease into whatever change might be coming with regards to Bray as a superstar on their programming.