Ivanka Trump Allegedly Confronted Father In A Rage For Disrespecting Jared Kushner, 'Vanity Fair' Reports

Ivanka Trump allegedly confronted her father in a rage for disrespecting her husband, Jared Kushner, during the 2016 presidential campaign. A report on Vanity Fair's political section of The Hive was centered on Ivanka and Jared's first year in Washington, D.C., and how certain situations have played out behind closed doors.

One portion of the report mentions the first daughter "bursting" into her father's office during the 2016 presidential campaign and blowing up at him. It's intriguing given the fact that she's skewered publicly for never rocking the boat when it comes to her father. She's not one to criticize Donald Trump and has openly admitted she'll never do that. Ivanka challenging his father in any way is difficult to envision, given her position in the White House as well as her close bond with the president. According to a campaign official, however, Ivanka had a showdown with her father when it came to sticking up for her husband.

The official told Vanity Fair that Ivanka Trump was upset with her father for "disrespecting" her husband's efforts during the presidential race. As the official recalls, the incident unfolded inside Trump Tower. Ivanka "burst" into her father's office and demanded to speak with him.

"I need to talk to you," the official claimed Ivanka said. "You don't give Jared the support he needs. He's left his business to be a part of this. You have no idea what he's sacrificing to be here and how hard he is working for you."

At that point the exchange got personal, the insider explained. A distressed Ivanka proceeded to tell her father that his dismissive attitude towards him "hurt" her and also hurt her relationship with Jared. Trump immediately reacted to his daughter's frustration with concern.

"All right, all right, all right," the campaign official recalled Trump saying. "What does he want?"

When Donald Trump was elected U.S. president, Jared Kushner was tasked with securing peace in the Middle East and preside over relations with Mexico. He recently had his security clearance downgraded amid special counsel Robert Mueller's Russian investigation over possible collusion with the Trump campaign during the presidential election.

Security experts have told People magazine that Kushner's limited security clearance will significantly impact the senior adviser's ability to carry out many aspects of his job.

Vanity Fair a few weeks ago reported that Ivanka Trump was incensed that White House chief of staff John Kelly had downgraded Jared's security clearance. She reportedly complained to a friend that it was unnecessary for Kelly to "embarrass Jared like that."

Ivanka Trump has said in interviews that she lets her father know when she doesn't agree with him on issues. If she confronted Donald Trump on disrespecting Jared Kushner, it shows she's not afraid to challenge him on family matters.