Newly Dumped Single Woman Buys Herself $95 Cubic Zirconia Pandora Promise Ring, Gets 73,000-Plus Twitter Likes

Kim Pena may not have expected to go viral when she posted the below short video of the promise ring that she bought for herself, but that is exactly what happened. According to Heavy, Pena is 19 years of age and just experienced a breakup. But the young woman out of Texas did not let that breakup get her too far down in the dumps.

Instead, she bought herself a beautiful promise ring and promised herself that she would not give up on herself. Instead of waiting for a man to deem her worthy enough to buy a promise ring, Kim took matters into her own hands and bought her own stunning ring for her once-bare ring finger of her left hand.

The publication reports that Kim did not have an inclination that her tweet calling it “weird” that she purchased a promise ring for herself would strike such a chord with so many folks on the social media platform. On Wednesday, March 21, Pena published the tweet that she thought would sound weird to readers after having bought herself a promise ring. Kim wrote that she had made the choice not to wait for a boy to determine whether she was worth making a promise to, but instead bought the ring as a promise to always love herself and never give up.

Pena had just been dumped by a guy that she loved who had purchased her a promise ring, but she found it too painful to look at after he broke up with her.

Heavy reported that Pena is “shocked and pleasantly overwhelmed with the positive response she has gotten from fellow Tweeters” in the wake of her tweet going viral. In two days, Kim has received more than 73,000 likes on Twitter and more than 13,000 comments about the promise ring post.

Pena said that she didn’t think girls would be so inspired, but confessed that she’s overwhelmed with how many girls have been saying such nice things to her in the wake of the confession. One popular response is folks asking where Pena bought her promise ring. Kim said that she bought her ring from Pandora.

Called the Abstract Elegance Ring, Clear CZ on the Pandora website, it describes the sterling silver ring as a “statement open-ended ring,” which is a type of ring popular with people who try to avoid ring avulsions – by wearing no ring like President Donald Trump – or by wearing rubber rings, as reported by the Inquisitr.

Pandora goes on to call the ring one that “showcases an on-trend look with a geometric twist, in the form of a square princess-cut stone contrasted with a round brilliant-cut stone.”