Is There A Donald Trump Sex Tape On The Way? Cryptic Tweet From Stormy Daniels’ Lawyer Has Internet Cringing

A viral suggestion of a sex tape showing Donald Trump with adult film star Stormy Daniels has led to a massive reaction online, with the cryptic tweet from Daniels’ lawyer setting off the disgust and curiosity of the internet.

Daniels is locked in a legal battle with Trump attorneys to tell her story about an alleged affair she had with Trump shortly after the birth of his son, Barron. There is an upcoming interview with Daniels set to air on 60 Minutes, and her attorney has now built anticipation with a tweet showing a computer disc and a reference to what many think is a sex tape.

“If ‘a picture is worth a thousand words,’ how many words is this worth?????” Michael Avenatti tweeted.

As The Hill noted, the tweet seemed to hint at the first real substantial evidence of an affair between Stormy Daniels and Donald Trump.

“While not explicitly stated, Avenatti appeared to suggest that the disc may contain photographic or video evidence of Daniels’ alleged affair with the president. Avenatti has previously declined comment on whether such evidence exists.”

While Avenatti appeared to be purposely vague about what the disc contained, the speculation online was immediate — what if it was a sex tape of Donald Trump? Though there was no evidence to support that claim, the idea spread across Twitter after Avenatti’s tweet and was met with near-universal disgust.

There were some who were more skeptical, thinking that the disc did not contain a sex tape of Donald Trump but instead was a ploy to generate more buzz ahead of Stormy Daniels’ upcoming 60 Minutes appearance.

But there could have already been hints that Stormy Daniels has photographic or video evidence of her affair with Donald Trump. Vox published text from the non-disclosure agreement reportedly signed by Daniels in exchange for $130,000, and it refers to the adult film star divesting herself of any evidence of the affair — including “video images” and “still images.”

Stormy Daniels attends Exxxotica Expo 2014.

There were no more specifics about what that could be, but at the time it was released, it immediately kicked up speculation that Stormy Daniels could potentially have a sex tape with Donald Trump. As Newsweek noted, Jimmy Kimmel even produced a mock “sex tape” with actors looking like Donald Trump and Stormy Daniels. Fellow late night host Stephen Colbert has also joked about the idea of an explicit video showing the president of the United States.

If that is true, and a sex tape of Donald Trump does somehow leak, the internet seems ready to react — with a mix of disgust and curiosity.